Binge: Top Netflix Shows to Watch

Binge: Top Netflix Shows to Watch

If you’re anything like me, a typical day in quarantine consists of waking up, attending a Zoom class, watching Netflix and going to bed. However, I browse through the streaming service for a while trying to find something good enough to watch. Lucky for you, I put together my top picks from Netflix for this week. 

All American

This show is definitely a fan favorite among teenagers as it follows Spencer James, a football star from the south side of Los Angeles after he gets recruited to play for a Beverly Hills team. It highlights his struggle transitioning from his old life to the glitz and glam of his new high school. Eventually, his two worlds start colliding and he begins noticing the hardships of his identity and socioeconomic status. Based on a true story, the two seasons of this show will definitely keep you entertained. Though a bit cheesy and dramatic, the underlying message prevails and makes the show a success.

Don’t F*** With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

WARNING: This show is for mature audiences and contains disturbing images. This documentary series is one of the most interesting things I have ever watched on Netflix. It follows a group of online investigators after a horrible video was posted of an unidentified man killing cats. The group attempts to find the culprit through a series of objects and clues the killer has in his videos. Though the show is not considered to be a horror or thriller, it will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat as they reveal his motives and intentions, leading to more mystery. 

Love Is Blind

If you are into reality television, this show is your cup of tea. Love Is Blind is set up as a social experiment to reveal if men and women can meet, date and get married, all without seeing each other’s physical appearance. Throughout the span of 10 days, the contestants speed date and judge each other solely on their personalities, and what they choose to tell each other about them. If they think they have found the one, the men are able to propose to the women they want to marry, and then can finally meet them face to face. The show follows the relationships that are formed through the experiment and reveal if love is truly blind after they experience each other’s real lives consisting of their family, habits, living situations, jobs, etc. This series is a relatively short and easy watch to pass the time, and you will find yourself getting emotionally invested into certain relationships (*guilty*).