New Faces From Different Places

New teachers join RMHS staff.

Alexandra Bedoya; English Teacher

Alexandra Bedoya is a new English teacher at RMHS. She has been teaching for four years in total and taught at Glenbrook North High School for two years by filling in for maternity leave positions for English teachers at Main East High School as well as a teacher’s assistant in the English department. 

Bedoya was also the head coach of the competitive dance team at Niles West High School, her alma mater, for seven years. At RMHS, Bedoya teaches English and coaches the dance team, bringing in her experience from her previous position as head coach. 

“I love that I can teach and coach in the same building,” Bedoya said.

Bedoya enjoys teaching teens because she appreciates being a part of the ‘growing years’ in which students become adults who are getting ready for college. She likes to help others and work with her students to improve themselves educationally and as individuals. 

“My responsibility is to help students become somebody great and help them leave their mark on the world in some capacity,” Bedoya said.

According to Bedoya, the staff and students at RMHS are welcoming and are very genuine when greeting her in that hallway. Bedoya also enjoys that her department and colleagues are helpful and understanding towards her being a new teacher at the school.

In her free time, Bedoya likes to spend time with friends and family as well as taking her dog for a walk. Bedoya enjoys cooking, watching cheesy TV shows with her husband and unwinding from a long day with simple activities. 

“I think it’s very easy to feel invisible and alone your first year, but I don’t think that’s possible [at RMHS]” Bedoya said.

Kristen Raver; Agriculture and Veterinary Science Teacher

Kirsten Raver is a new agriculture and veterinary science teacher at RMHS. Raver was a student-teacher at Sycamore High School last year and had an internship at the Cook County Farm Bureau under the agriculture classroom program. 

Raver enjoys having the opportunity to teach because her experiences and passion can be shared with students in a creative way. Her passion for animals and plants is why she gained so much knowledge to lead students to their futures in agriculture or animal sciences.

The classes that I have the opportunity to teach are so much fun to work with,” Raver said.

According to Raver, RMHS has a unique culture that includes everyone and makes everyone feel welcomed. Raver also states that the support the school has created is beneficial to both students and teachers, as it is apart of the RMHS culture.

“I love the community outreach opportunities as I feel it is important to connect with the community,” Raver said.

In Raver’s free time, she enjoys spending time with animals and working with them on the farm where she was raised.