RMHS Introduces New Agricultural Class

This year, Rolling Meadows will be opening up an agriculture class for the first time. With enrollments increasing, many questions about the course are arising as well. 

The agricultural teacher, Kendall Wright, explains the core curriculum of the class as well as the changes its bringing to the school.

“Agriculture is a part of our everyday life, whether or not we realize it. We eat, we wear clothes, we use transportation, and all of those things tie back to agriculture,” said Wright.

Not only does the class have topics that connect to one another, but it gives life skills as well as solutions for problems our world is facing today, such as population growth, diets, and healthier methods of food production that are friendly to people and the environment. 

So how did the agricultural pathway come about?

“It came about as a way to figure out how to feed the nine billion people that we’re going to have very soon, and also to figure how to connect to other career pathways that we have here.” Wright said. 

Wright adds that the course connects to fields in healthcare, the foods pathway, veterinary science, landscaping, agri-business, medical research and so many more.

“Understand how agriculture is apart of [their] everyday life and to think about other career pathways that they could have within that.” Wright said 

While it blends with other pathways, it also covers topics such as climate change, feeding the world and how to make changes to protect the future of our planet.

“To give students a gateway to look at agriculture. So living in a suburban area I don’t think it’s something that many students consider as a potential career field for them or even a potential class” Wright said.

The best part is it’s still not too late to get enrolled.

“They’re actually hiring a second agriculture teacher,” Wright said. “I would love to have you in my class.”

Students who are still debating whether to take the class are highly encouraged to give it a chance 

“Just do it, just give it a try. It’s gonna be awesome, we’ll have a lot of hands-on applications in class, we’ll be exploring a lot of things, and it’s an opportunity to build a really unique organization…!” Wright said.