Big Moves With Big Kaiser

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Internships are uncommon, especially engineering internships, but one RMHS student just earned himself that opportunity. Junior Boris Jevtic is a member of Wildstang, and Robot Rumble. Jevtic had the opportunity to demonstrate the battle bot used during the Robot Rumble to engineers at a GCAMP (Golden Corridor Advanced Manufacturing Partnership) event held at RMHS in March.

Jevtic impressed the engineers so much that Big Kaiser offered him an internship opportunity. Big Kaiser is a high precision tooling systems company that has facilities in Switzerland, Germany and the United States, specifically in Hoffman Estates.

The CTE (Career and Technology Education) Division Head, Dave Wietrzak, noted on Jevtic’s qualities that led him to this internship opportunity as well as the valuable experience  that he will learn from Big Kaiser. 

“He is very dedicated and intelligent: aspects that he has been able to achieve a lot of success [with],” Wietrzak said. “[Big Kaiser] is advanced and Jevtic will learn the latest skills in engineering, manufacturing and technology.”

With such an internship opportunity at an engineering company, the pressure to perform well during the internship is high.

“It is a company well-known for their quality, and now I have to step up and produce the same quality,” Jevtic said.

Jevtic’s role as an intern will have him very much involved with other engineers at the company as well as with personal projects that he will be working on throughout the summer.

“I will be working with other engineers within the company on their own projects,” Jevtic said. “Some of my projects during the summer will be working on 3D software to help produce custom parts from CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines.”

The experience interning at Big Kaiser is an opportunity that Jevtic values greatly because it can be a catalyst for his future aspirations in mechanical and electrical engineering.

“This opportunity will help me develop relationships with other engineers and other workers that could possibly help me be successful in my career,” Jevtic said.