Artist of the month-September 2016

Abby Cullen, Photography Editor-in-Chief

The moment junior Ivan Ivanov picked up a pencil, he felt an instant connection with art.

“From there, in a sense, it developed into an addiction, something I needed in my life, it made me complete,” Ivanov said.

The inspiration to pursue this talent comes from the endless creativity within his head. Fortunately, there are so many opportunities to express himself through his artwork.

“Ivan is constantly pursuing art in various media from graphite to watercolor to oil paint to digital drawing,” art teacher Martha Nava said. “He has original and creative ideas that he incorporates into his images.”

Ivanov’s current strength is digital painting; however, he will always favor paper and pencil. His desire to enhance his current art skills is shown through his commitment to enroll in AP Art this year.

Throughout the year, he creates several projects that are self-assigned varying from charcoal work, animated posters and oil paintings. Currently, he is focusing on strengthening his oil painting skills. His self-discipline is obvious to the teachers and other students because he is constantly creating new pieces.

He hopes to broaden his skills in all areas of art for more success in the future as an illustrator. As an illustrator he aims to, “generate unusual perspectives in people, or simply to provide some exotic visual that one might not scope on a regular basis,” Ivanov said.

Although Ivanov believes feeling self-fulfilled after completing a piece is most important, he has enjoyed gaining recognition this year for his artistic ability.

“His work has been selected for the Harper Art Show and received an honorable mention at the show as well,” Nava said. As of now, Ivanov just enjoys the satisfaction of his personal success with his creations, however he hopes to continue to have his art displayed in shows and receive public recognition.

Ivanov plans to go to college to further his talent and artistic eye.

“I am looking forward to undergoing a rigorous study of [art] in college,” Ivanov said.