Till’ the end

Rolling Meadows hypno club performs show


Julia Skwerski, Staff writer

Hypno, a shortened version of the word hypnotic, and by definition means to readily hold the attention. And that is exactly what the hip-hop group planned on doing, with the last show of the year on May 14 fast approaching Hypno intended to sweep the crowd away.

“We mixed the music, choreographed the pieces, and had to learn a lot of choreography to make this show possible,” Hypno sponsor Lucas Pang said.

The performance on May 14 included all the current members and a couple alumni. The show was a mix of various styles of music and choreography and senior solos.

“I’m pretty pumped, I’ve been looking forward to a senior solo since freshman year,” senior Danny Gonzalez said. Their goal was to put on a high energy, fun, and entertaining show and it would seem that all of their hard work paid off.  

Hypno is a hip-hop dance club, which allows students to express themselves through different styles of music. The group is non-competitive, and the club focuses on having fun and learning new dance techniques. In addition to having their own shows, Hypno performs at most school events, including assemblies and the V-Show.

With nine graduating seniors, the club will have to rely heavily on newcomers next year. Tryouts were held after their performance at the Homecoming assembly in October, and the performance last Saturday featured all of the new dancers who tried out.

     “I am looking forward to seeing the new talent, creativity, and leadership. Each year is a new dynamic that allows certain members to step up and new members to showcase their talent,” Pang said.

The club allows its dancers to step up to new leadership roles that they might not have previously tried.

“My favorite part of Hypno is the vibe and the energy you get off of practice,” Gonzalez said.

Although the group is parting with the seniors, they are staying on a positive note for their upcoming season next year.

Whether the team is working on new choreography for an upcoming show, or just having fun in their hip-hop environment, Hypno is always working together.