GeoConstruction students are helping our veterans


RMHS is proud to announce their collaboration with BGHS and D214 as their students get together over the next 2 days to assemble a Veterans Center in New Brunswick, Georgia which will provide veterans with physical and psychological support, career training and a gathering space to meet with member of their community. 

This year, our classes built 50 Tiny Homes to support veterans. These homes allow veterans to get the help they need after serving the country.

Once the construction is completed on Thursday it will be prepared for a dedication ceremony next Tuesday at FVEC at 7 pm.  This presentation will include more than 15 Veteran organizations, many students of D214 including our NJROTC and our former Governor Pat Quinn. If you would like to join the celebration or know any veterans that may be interested in joining please see the invitation to this event. Good luck to our 90 brave students.