Venom: Let There be Carnage Review


On October 1st Marvel released a brand new movie in the Venom series: Let There Be Carnage. The movie itself was a bit lackluster in my opinion, but that didn’t stop everyone from going to watch it. It grossed over 90 million which is impressive, for a pandemic movie, as pandemic movies typically do worse than normal ones. According to Variety, the “2021 Box Office Still Down 81% From Pre-Pandemic Times”, so this movie had astounding numbers for what was expected. Others such as Black Widow have only a bit over double that, and they have been released and shown for longer. Shang-chi has been the most successful of the three, nabbing over 200 million. 


         Now to the actual review, the movie was very good, although in my opinion, the villain was not shown enough,  and the fight between Eddie and Venom was negligible at best. Though overall, it was still what you’d expect from Marvel’s team. The scene when he first transforms and you see what Carnage is is a cinematic timepiece as bang! A giant evil red monster bites the heads off the guards and the other people in the prison. We see him steal a car and have Carnage talk to him, providing great exposition into their goals to get the girlfriend, Shirek, and kill Eddie and Venom. Next is the big party scene where we see Venom, who is clearly depressed about losing Eddie. He goes up on stage and rants about Eddie, and that he is the worst human in the world, and should be grateful for all he has done for him. I found this scene very interesting, as it shows that our two heroes have a very deep bond, and are like lovers.


        Lastly, we have the ending cutscene, where the symbiotic causes a time warp.  We see that they rewind time, and now Venom and Eddie are planning on going after Peter Parker, or Spider-Man, as Venom finds him to be an irresistible specimen for him to eat.