“The Rookie” Review


ABC’s “The Rookie” just came out with its fourth season and it hasn’t disappointed me yet. This show first came out on Oct. 16, 2018. Although it didn’t get the best review from Rotten Tomatoes (68%), the audience and I definitely loved it. 


This show is about a man in his forties named John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) who decides to achieve his dream of becoming a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer. Although he had a rough start, he eventually uses his forty years of experience to become successful. 


This amazing show was written by Alexi Hawley, who produced “Castle”, another show starring Fillion. It is also inspired by a true story. According to the New York Post, William “Bill” Norcross “was 44 in late 2015 when he decided to leave his family’s printing business in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and head to LA to fulfill his lifelong dream of joining law enforcement. Three years later, he’s still on the job, currently patrolling the beat in the LAPD’s Pacific Division.”


Hawley and Fillion are both executive producers of the show, and are accompanied by many other amazing producers. The casting director for this show absolutely nailed it as well. Each cast member has a cute little charm that makes you intrigued, they are all likable characters and have amazing character development throughout the show. 


The Rookie is a well-written, well-acted show that I think everyone should watch, or at least the first three episodes. It covers some serious topics such as Black Lives Matter, drugs, abduction, domestic violence, etc. while also making sure to be funny and entertaining. 


It also makes sure to have some romance for all you romance enthusiasts. It makes sure to get your heart thumping and butterflies in your stomach every now and then. It also will get on your nerves because you’ll become so invested that when something goes wrong, you think you’re going through your own heartbreak. 


So, if you like cop shows that are up to date, informative, have a lot of crime, drama, action, comedy, and romance then this is definitely the show for you. Watch it every Sunday 10/9c on ABC, on their website, or from the beginning on Hulu.