Therapy Dog Training at RMHS


Getty Images/Caiaimage

People petting dog in group therapy session

Animal therapy can be a very  beneficial resource for many people.

At Rolling Meadows High School, students are able to learn about therapy dogs and even help train them. On Thursdays in the South Cafeteria, the RMHS FFA/MSAT dog training program meets and works with the dogs. Throughout this program, students will learn valuable skills like how to handle the dogs and will be working on the dog’s interactions with people who have disabilities. After learning how to train the dogs in obedience, the students teach them how to be around the people they are helping. This could be teaching the dogs how to move around wheelchairs and walkers, approach people in the hospital, handle crowds and how to be around other animals. 

Not only does this program benefit the dogs, students also benefit from this experience. The participants in this program are not only having fun hanging out with the dogs, they are also able to find out more about themselves, even what their interests are. These interactions with the dogs are not only going to help a lot of people in the future, but a student may learn more about what they are interested in for their own future. This program allows students to work in a  hands-on environment with therapy dogs,  people with disabilities. 

Even after the RMHS FFA/MSAT program is finished, students will still be given opportunities to help others. Anywhere the dogs are needed or are able to be, students can bring them. That can mean volunteering at a hospital and helping patients. It also might be going to a park or school and spreading happiness and peace through the therapy dogs.

The RMHS FFA/MSAT program is extremely  helpful and does great things for the community. It is a great opportunity for kids to learn about mental health and animals. Students can come and watch this incredible club in action right after school on September 30th, Oct 7 and  Oct 21. The program will leave students with something to bark about.