Deltarune Review


Undertale is a very well known indie game released in 2015 made by Toby Fox. The game received a lot of attention and the internet was going wild about this game for a while. The game had a good cast of colorful characters, funny humor, a creative battle system and an amazing soundtrack. When the year 2018 hit, Undertale was 3 years old and out of nowhere, Toby Fox released the first chapter to a continuation of one his greatest games of all time. Deltarune Chapter 1 was released on October 31, 2018. It was a game that had a similar artstyle, battle system, and soundtrack to Undertale. Now fast forward to 2021, and the second chapter for Deltarune released on September 17, 2021. Over the past weekend I played the game and I have decided to review the two chapters of this series.

The story of Deltarune is very simple, a human named Kris and a monster named Susie, end up in some strange world and later on they soon find out they are heros destined to bring peace to the world. They meet up with a prince that rules a small kingdom named Ralsei (who is also a hero) and he joins Kris and Susie to bring peace to the world. The heros have to find dark fountains that are scattered across the dark world in order to bring peace. The two chapters that are available at the moment let you enter two dark worlds that have their own unique theme, enemies, and bosses. Chapter one having a checkers/playing cards theme and chapter two being a computer/internet theme. Besides that, the writing is very good and has its humorous moments.

The gameplay in Deltarune is pretty solid especially when battling enemies. You typically walk to different parts of the game trying to get to your destination. If you choose to explore the area, you’ll find extra goodies and secrets that will help aid you in your adventure. While exploring, you’ll encounter enemies that will try to stop you from reaching the end. The battle system in this game is pretty unique, it’s turn based combat meaning your characters get to attack the opposing side and the next turn goes to the enemies who will retaliate. Deltarune makes it more unique when it comes to battles however. Instead of giving you the option to just attack, you can act on enemies to make them tired. When the enemy is tired you can spare them. The game gives you the option to either kill or not kill enemies in battle. When it is the enemy’s turn to attack, you will take control of a heart, which symbolizes the character and you will have to dodge the enemy’s projectile attacks. If you get hit by the projectile, it hurts whichever character is being targeted during that turn. It’s a pretty unique idea for a battle system and I personally enjoyed it.

The music in Deltarune is absolutely phenomenal. From the overworld theme, battle theme, the boss music, every single track in Deltarune is really catchy and makes me want to listen to it again and again. It sounds like old school retro video game music back from the 90’s which is pretty amazing and vibey.

The artstyle in Deltarune is fantastic. The game looks like a Super Nintendo game with its pixelated graphics. The graphics with the soundtrack blends incredibly well for the game.

Overall, Deltarune chapters one and two are wonderful, even though the game isn’t complete yet with five chapters currently still in development, so far the game is really fun and I enjoyed my time with it. I would easily give this game a 10/10 and recommend this to people who have played Undertale and want some sort of continuation.