How RMHS Students Are Staying Active In Quarantine


With the stay at home orders by local, state, and federal officials, it has meant that more people have been in a more sedentary situation. To break up the monotony of inactiveness, people have decided to exercise in this quarantine situation.


Most of these at-home workouts consist of the traditional push-ups, sit ups, squats, planks, and lunges. Some have used creative combinations of these exercises to create unique workouts, such as the 52 deck card exercise where each of the suits represents an exercise and the number represents the amount of repetitions for that certain exercise.


Most of these workouts are limited due to the lack of access to weight equipment: but it does not impede from exercising.


“I have converted my garage into my training facility and as I said I have been finding creative ways to load movements,” zero hour/health teacher Kevin Geldon said. “I have used a duffel bag and backpack to add weight to movements, my current favorite being overhead walking lunges with a duffel bag filled with dirt and sand from my backyard.”


Those with the proper equipment have continued their traditional workout routine with the same intensity.


“Luckily for me I have my own power rack so I’m able to do the things [workouts] I did before,” junior Pablo Zarate said. “The one thing that hasn’t changed is the effort, especially right now with all the time in the world in my hands.”


As for others quarantined at home, running throughout the neighborhood has become a form to leave the dullness of being quarantined inside. 


“I’ve adapted by doing more cardio than usual,” Zarate said. “Long boring days have been combated with long distance running which I usually do with my dad.” 


Others have decided to exercise through the form of sport yet it is a contentious topic for many deem it irresponsible during the recent circumstances. 


“I just go outside to play soccer [juggle and shoot the ball]. I make sure to stay away from a lot of people,” sophomore Kassandra Gonzalez said.


The overarching takeaway from exercising throughout quarantine is that no matter the scale or intensity, the intent is what matters.


“Find a way to exercise everyday, even if it’s just a walk: be creative,” Geldon said. “The key is to stay motivated to improve and that will help you find creative ways to continue to train.”