RMHS Tennis Wrap-Up

The Rolling Meadows tennis team’s 2021 season has come to an end. After all of the work and obstacles they have overcome it is all over. The season was very successful overall and it came to a perfect ending, with everyone being able to compete healthily together. 

The favorite part of the season came at the end during Sectionals when everyone was finally healthy,” Head Coach Jim Gumz said. “We placed 2nd in the Sectional with one player qualifying for the State Tournament & 2 Doubles teams reaching the qualifying matches & nearly advancing.”

With a season plagued by injuries and covid protocols, it was an extremely tough one for the six of those who are graduating this year, however, they managed to put their experience and dedication to the team into play and not only compete, but play at a very high level as well. 

The team placed 2nd overall in sectionals with one player managing to qualify for the state tournament as well as having 2 doubles teams making it all the way to the qualifying matches and nearly advancing.

At the end of the day, it’s safe to say that the team had a nearly perfect ending to the season and the graduating girls should be proud of what they accomplished this year.