RMHS Cross Country Wrap Up

This fall, the Cross Country team is working hard as ever to compete with other runners. The top runners this year are Diego Buenrostro, Elijah Perry, and Hayden Sanders. Buenrostro will be racing to see if he qualifies for the IHSA meet. This year is going great, and it makes you wonder how cross country was last year.

 In an interview with Mr. Schweda, RMHS’s Cross Country coach, he shared how during the pandemic, there were many things to do and worry about during last year’s Cross Country season. Considering the fact that they had to make sure that no one was sick so the virus didn’t spread and caused a whole issue. “We had a large group of seniors that were very invested in the team.” Says Mr. Schweda. During that season there were confident and motivated students that worked hard and worked together to help each other out especially when underclassmen recently joined the team. “I think the guys really enjoyed being there since most of the season we weren’t in school.” Says Mr. Schweda. 

After the school shut down last year, it seems that the club has gone back to normal. Tournaments are being held back at school again now with mask mandates. “ This year is so much more normal. Other than wearing masks inside and on buses, we are pretty much back to normal. We have a lot of underclassmen who seem to want to be part of the RMHS athletic community which is great!” Explains Mr. Schweda. With school returning to some sort of normalcy, Cross Country is getting back to work. Let’s give a hand to our top runners as they worked hard and will continue to work hard everyday and let’s wish Diego Buenrostro good luck and hope he qualifies for the IHSA.