NFL playoff predictions

The Pacer’s Sean Grant breaks down his predictions for the 2020-21 NFL playoffs.


The NFC playoff picture is a very tight race right now, with the wild card teams only holding a game or two lead over the other teams right below them, and the potential for two teams leading their division right now to swap out with another team in their division. 

The Packers and Saints have already clinched playoff spots and both seem to be heading for back-to-back division titles, so I wouldn’t expect much to change there. The Rams are locked in first place with the Seahawks currently in the NFC West and both have weapons to win out the rest of the season. The Seahawks have Russell Wilson at quarterback though, which makes it much more likely to carry them if needed to yet another division title this season. Don’t be surprised if the Arizona Cardinals get into a wild card spot though, as they have the talent on both sides of the ball to make a run. 

The NFC East could go either way at this point, as the Eagles, Giants and Washington football team all have a chance to make it into at least a wild card spot. Washington is coached by respected head coach Ron Rivera and is riding a dominant defense at getting after the QB; something that usually contributes to late-season success in the NFL, which is why they have a good shot to win the division. 

With the third wild card spot, I see Tom Brady and the Bucs doing just enough to take it at the end of the season with the weapons he has on offense, like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Rob Gronkowski


The AFC playoff picture is not quite as close of a race as the NFC. The formerly undefeated Steelers and the Chiefs have all but wrapped up their respective divisions as they continue to win games. The Bills are pulling away in the AFC East with Josh Allen having a great year and their defense playing lights out right now, so I expect them to win that division over the inexperienced Dolphins.  

The race for first in the AFC South could be very close as both the Colts and Titans sit at 9-4 currently and are riding win streaks. The Colts defense is playing like the best in the league right now, and with Phillip Rivers under center, they have the best chance to win there. The Browns have all but assured themselves a wild card spot so that leaves one left open. 

While the Dolphins currently sit at that spot, I feel Tua Tagovailoa is too inexperienced right now and the Ravens, under John Harbaugh, have the best chance to grab the final spot. Lamar Jackson also provides another element opposing defenses have to gameplan for that could prove to be a factor.