MLB playoff recap

On October 27, The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays by a score of 3-1 to win the 2020 World Series four games to two in what was probably the strangest and shortest season the players have ever experienced in their lives. 

After coming up short in 2017 and 2018, it seemed like it was about time for the Dodgers to raise a trophy. As they held the best record in the MLB during the regular season and winning a couple of tight series along the way against the Milwaukee Brewers and the San Diego Padres. While they also completed a historic series coming back from behind and winning three games in a row to defeat the Atlanta Braves four games to three. 

“We never stopped,” said Corey Seager, the 2020 World Series MVP, in an interview with “We were ready to go as soon as the bell was called. And once it did, we kept rolling.”

 During the series, Seager hit 8 for 20, boosting a .400 batting average, while also cranking two home runs and five RBIs. 

The Dodgers faced challenges the whole season, including about 30 minutes before they raised The Commissioner’s Trophy at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. Prior to the 8th Inning, the news was received that starting third baseman Justin Turner tested positive for COVID-19. He was pulled from the game immediately. However, after the game he appeared on the field with no mask at one point, celebrating with his team. 

“If there were people around him without masks, it’s not a good look at all,” Andrew Friedman, the president of the Dodgers’ baseball operations said.

 After investigation, the MLB decided not to penalize Turner for his actions.

For the Tampa Bay Rays, while the ending was very bittersweet, they still have a lot to look forward to in the future with their talented team, as they won their 2nd American League Pennant in their 23-season club history and will look to win their first Championship in the coming years. They posted the best record in the American League during the regular season, while defeating the Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees and Houston Astros on their way to the World Series. 

For the other 14 teams in the playoffs that fell short of their ultimate goal, perhaps they look to build on the 60 game season success they had. Maybe the biggest story of them all, the Chicago White Sox, have the most to look forward to in the future. They have been rebuilding their franchise for a very long time now and made their first playoff appearance since 2008, only their 10th in their 116 season history. 

“We reached the postseason this year,” White Sox 2020 American League MVP Jose Abreu said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. “But that is not enough. We can do better. We have to win, we have to win. That has to be our mindset. That’s all we need to think about and we need to take care of because we have to win. We have the talent, and we have the resources to win. We can’t have any more excuses.”