NFL Predictions: Week 7


The Pacer’s Sammi France breaks down her predictions for the NFL week 7 games.

Giants 17 vs. Eagles 20 

What an exciting matchup of two NFC East teams. Not really. With two teams who together only have two wins, this game could potentially divide the division winner. For the past two weeks, the Eagles have shown the little bit of fight they have in them with a recent 30-28 loss against a strong Ravens team, so I feel like they can actually show up and play well against a weak Giants team. Even with all of their injuries, the Eagles still have a disruptive pass rush, which will definitely have a big effect on Daniel Jones. Even though both teams are weaker and not good, the Eagles have more talent and should come out of this game with a win. 

Panthers 24 vs. Saints 30

Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgwater is going to go down memory lane this Sunday as he gets to play against his former team at their stadium. The Panthers have some hope this week with a possible return of Christian McCaffrey. They struggled last week against a strong Bears defense and will have a tough time again this week with the Saints defense. However, the Saints shouldn’t struggle against the Panthers defense, who didn’t sack Nick Foles once in week 6, so Drew Brees should be able to do his thing this week. I expect the Saints to take control of this game and come out with a big win in week 7. 

Bills 34 vs. Jets 14

This is the game for the Bills to get back on track from their two losses in a row. They have scored a total of 33 points in the past two weeks, which is a downgrade from weeks 3 and 4 where they scored 65 points. The Jets have been horrible all season long so I really don’t have much hope for them this week. So, I think this game might be an ugly one for the Jets as they will get blown out again. The Bills will get their offense together to get their momentum back for the rest of the season. This game could be well over by halftime knowing the Jets. 

Browns 24 vs. Bengals 28

Well, this isn’t a very exciting matchup this week. The Browns have been giving up around 30 points per game in their last few games. Their offense hasn’t been that strong either. With Baker Mayfield dealing with a rib injury and Nick Chubb out, the Browns are gonna have a tough time this week trying to outscore the Bengals. The Bengals offense is getting better each week and with the Browns allowing the fourth-most passing touchdowns in the league, Joes Burrow might have a fantastic game. With the Browns injuries and poor defense, I’m going to give this one to the Bengals, who will look really good this week against the Browns. 

Cowboys 20 vs. Washington 18

Another NFC East matchup in week 7. The Cowboys are in first and Washington is in last, but there is only one game separating them. The Cowboys are definitely feeling the loss of Dak Prescott with their 38-10 loss to the Cardinals. I think the Cowboys will get their offense going in this game and score more than 10 points against a Washington defense who has given up 30 points to their last four or five opponents. But, I think this game will be a battle between the two teams because the Cowboys defense is not very good either. So, expect a fight for these two teams because if the Cowboys lose their first place spot will be taken by another bad team. 

Packers 38 vs. Texans 31

Well, the Packers were terrible last week against the Buccaneers. They scored the first 10 points and then gave up 38 straight points. Aaron Rodgers threw two interceptions-one being a pick-six, so you know Rodgers will have a chip on this shoulder coming into this game. If I were the Texans, I would be prepared for a very scary Rodgers to come out and play. Since the Texans fired their head coach, they have been playing better football than before, while getting their first win and taking the Titans into overtime. So, this is not gonna be an easy game for the Packers. They need to stop the run and not allow Deshawn Watson to pass for 335 yards and 4 touchdowns. But, I think the Packers will have an attitude coming into this game, will get back to where they were before their bye, and come out of this game 5-1. 

Lions 27 vs. Falcons 30

The Falcons fired head coach Dan Quinn and then finally got their first win of the season. The Lions also are coming off a much-needed win against the Jaguars to bring them to 2 wins. Matt Ryan and his crew looked really well last week as Ryan threw for four touchdowns and the offense had 99 yards on the ground. But as for their defense, they have the worst passing defense in the league, so Matt Stafford should be able to use that as a big advantage. Although the Lions did get their running game going last week with a big game from D’Andre Swift, I don’t think he will have a repeat performance this week. I think the Falcons will get their second win of the season this week with a big performance from Ryan, but only if they don’t blow another lead again. 

Steelers 30  vs. Titans 27

With two undefeated teams, I feel like this is one of the best matchups this week. This game will be a big test for both teams with the Steelers dominant defense and the Titans offense. The Steelers have also got their running game going these past few weeks, which has put a lot of pressure off of Ben Roethlisberger. So, the Titans definitely have a tougher matchup this week with the Steelers as they can’t get behind in this game because the Steelers defense is a lot tougher than some of the teams that they have played already. But, the Titans rely a lot on Derrick Henry who will need to get the job done against the Steelers. I think the Steelers will end up coming out with a win this week, with a big help from their defense, to stay undefeated.  

Seahawks 34 vs. Cardinals 28

This is another matchup that I think will be more exciting. Not only is this an NFC West matchup, but this game is better than it would be in past years because the Cardinals are way better than past seasons. The Cardinals did defeat the Cowboys in a big 38-10 win, but they will be put to the test with the Seahawks. With a perfect record and coming off a bye week, Seattle is well-rested and should be prepared for the Cardinals, who just had a Monday night game. But, I think with the Seahawks powerful offense that the Cardinals will not be able to score more than them, therefore the Seahawks will remain undefeated. 

Chiefs 31 vs. Broncos 27

Well, the Broncos have a very tough matchup this week against the Chiefs. Although the Chiefs got their first loss to the Raiders, the Broncos are a whole different kind of team and aren’t as strong as the Raiders. The Broncos looked like a strong team last week with Phillip Lindsay rushing for over 100 yards and Tim Patrick with more than 100 receiving yards. The Broncos have been averaging about 20 points per game, while the Chiefs have been averaging 29.8 points per game. Both of their defenses are ranked 10th in the league, by allowing about 22 points per game. So, I think the Chiefs will come out with a win this week, but the game will be closer than people think.   

Jaguars 21 vs. Chargers 30

Even though both teams are on a losing streak, there is a big difference between them. The Jaguars have averaged about 12 points per game in their last five games and the Chargers have been competitive among the stronger teams they have played thus far. This game could get even uglier though because the Jaguars now have injuries to many of their playmakers. So, I think this is a great game for the Chargers to get back on track because their offense and defense have a chance to look phenomenal against a weak Jaguars team. I don’t see much hope in the Jaguars, so I see the CHargers coming out of this game with a big win to put a halt to their losing streak. 

49ers 21 vs. Patriots 24

With a team that has been hit with COVID cases and the other team that has been hit with injuries, I think this game could be a close one and will be difficult for both teams. With limited practice and a horrible week 6 game, the Patriots offense needs to step up to help their defense out to win this game. While, their defense actually played well last week, keeping the Broncos out of the endzone and forcing them to kick 6 field goals. The 49ers just have had no luck this season with injuries. With Raheem Mostert out, Jimmy Garappolo and his team will have to focus heavily on their passing game. Their defense also has a bunch of holes in it, from injuries, so the Patriots will have a chance this week to get their offense back on track. I am going to take in the Patriots in this one because of all of the injuries to the 49ers and Bill Belichek knows Garappolo all too well. But, expect this game to be a close one. 

Buccaneers 34 vs. Raiders 24 

With both teams coming off a big win against two former undefeated teams, expect this game to be a good one. The Buccaneers defense has been one of the most disruptive defenses in the league this season, which will definitely be a challenge for the Raiders. On the other side of the ball, the Raiders have been allowing around 30 points per game, which is not good when you are going up against Tom Brady. Derek Carr played exceptionally well against the Chiefs, so let’s see if he can do it against the Buccaneers and Tom Brady. I think the Buccaneers will end up winning the matchup this week, with a big help from their defense. I expect them to have a great running game against the Raiders defense, however, I don’t think it will be a blowout like their game against the Packers.    

Bears 24 vs. Rams 21

The Bears are at the top of the NFC North. I did not think that was going to happen and still don’t think they should be 5-1. However, the Rams have also beat a lot of easier opponents this year, coming out of the NFC East. The Rams have a tougher matchup this week, mostly because the Bears defense is actually legit. They will struggle against this defense, which will be the main reason I think they will lose this week. Now, the Bears do not have a great offense. Nick Foles is a decent quarterback, but he will get the job done for the Bears against the Rams defense. I think the Bears will come out with a win this week, mostly because of their defense, though. The Rams will be able to keep up with the Bears, but it won’t be enough to get a win.