Girls Tennis Team Still Competing Despite Major Changes To Season

This school year in high school sports is certain to look very different from past years and it’s no different for the RMHS girls tennis team. While tennis is one of few sports allowed to continue this fall, the season will involve some changes to procedures.

“Because COVID-19 is so new and [with] all the ways that it can be contracted, we have been using different balls for each individual player,” junior Hannah Haber said. “At the start of the match, we normally shake hands, but instead we just tap racquets on the court.”

While these are just minor differences, there is one major change this year that’s sure to leave some players disappointed. The IHSA announced the cancellation of the State tournament recently because of the dangers of too many people being grouped together. 

“The goal of the season is to make it to the state tournament,” Haber said. “Because of [COVID-19], college scouts won’t have a reason to come out and watch.”

Even with this news, the players are still determined to work hard and have a good season by winning their meets. Junior Meagan Buchek, hoping to play first doubles this year, has been working hard on her game during the offseason even among the pandemic. 

“To prepare for the season, I played at a tennis club in the winter and spring,” Buchek said. “However, during the summer I was practicing twice a day for five days each week.”

Senior Annie Bartosch enjoys the overall team aspect of playing tennis and being with that group despite these new changes.

I like that it’s team-oriented and that it’s a sport you can play for your whole life,” Bartosch said. “You definitely have to have a lot of patience and mental toughness to play because it’s very easy to get frustrated.”