Boys Volleyball Gets Head Start On Practices For New Summer Season

Although the boy’s volleyball season doesn’t start until May, they have started preparing for their season these past couple weeks with contact practices. They’ve had to make changes to the practices but all the players are just happy to be back on the court. 

 “Everything is different but anything is better than getting another season canceled so we’ll do whatever it takes,” head coach Kevin Bourn said.

 If it were a normal school year the boys wouldn’t start practicing until February, so they are already getting a head start by starting practice this early. They don’t practice every day but any practice will help them prepare for their season starting in May. They have made the practices optional because some kids have other sports or commitments and are not able to make practice but all are encouraged to go. 

There are many aspects to the practices that have had to change and they are trying to focus on getting better and practicing basic skills because they have around 8 months before their first games. 

“I want our team to work on some of the more basic fundamentals and skills so that once our shortened season starts we can get right to the more advanced skills and playing as a team,” Bourn said. 

 The team just wants to have fun and get the practice they didn’t get because of their canceled season last year. They want to get back to the skill level they were at last March. 

 “I think our goal is to be at a point where we think we are just as good as last year and get all of the rust off,” junior Ryan Schoessling said.

 Some players have been able to not only practice at contact practices but also outside of school, which has helped them keep themselves practice and eventually game ready. They are trying to get practice whenever possible, so they don’t become too rusty.

“Outside of school, I’ve been to a couple of club volleyball open gyms and I’ve been playing grass volleyball,” senior Jorge Sanchez said. 

Even the coaches have to adjust to the new way of playing. They not only have to coach but make sure everyone is being safe and doing everything they can to make sure they can keep practicing. The masks have changed the way they play because they can’t breathe as well and so they can’t do too many drills that make them really tired. 

 “Obviously the masks change that way we play, as it’s easy to get tired quickly when you can’t breathe as well,” Bourn said. “Also, I’ve had to change many drills to make sure that players are separated whenever possible and not coming into contact with each other.”

 The players have goals for the team but also for themselves, mainly they just want to get better and back where they were in March. It is important for them to work on playing as a team because they didn’t get the chance to earlier in the year. 

 They have around 8 months until their season starts and they won’t be practicing for all of those 8 months, so these practices are to help the team get better on their basic skills so they can start the season at a higher skill level than in years prior.

The team as a whole was pretty upset when they weren’t able to have their season last year and so even though the season is shortened this year they are excited to be back on the court with the team. 

 “It’s kind of [sad] that we got the season canceled because we were supposed to have a pretty good year,” Schoessling said.