Boys Golf Team Has Success Despite New Challenges

Despite temperature checks, questionnaires and masks, the boys golf team is trying to approach the season with as much normalcy as possible. Due to the COVID-19, it has definitely been a challenging year for sports, so just being with people face-to-face and getting a break from screens is often enough for satisfaction. 

 “We are all enjoying the in-person time we get with each other,” head coach Joe Szabo said. “It has brought some sense of normalcy to us, which has been good for all of us.”

The team gets along well and has set and accomplished multiple personal and team goals for this unusual season. In virtue of a limited postseason this year, they are aiming to finish in the top half of the conference and top three of their regional. 

Of course, goals can’t be accomplished without the work being put in. Seniors Luke Duffer and Joey Mickey modeled examples that validate the statement that hard work pays off. Mickey tried his best to play a variety of courses this summer to ensure that he had practice on each one before heading into the season and competing in matches. His personal goal this season was to shoot in the 30s in a 9-hole match and he attained it in a match against Buffalo Grove and Conant. 

Duffer also put loads of his time into improving his game this summer. He participated in nine tournaments and even won one with a score of 69. He even qualified for the Player of the Year Championship for IJGA. Duffer’s main goal for his last season was going to be to make it to state. Unfortunately, there is no state tournament due to the pandemic, but he hopes to place in the top 10 in Conference. 

“It’s really [sad] that this is how my last year is going to be with no state tournament, however, everyone is making sacrifices,” Duffer said. 

Both seniors have worked hard for four years, so it is definitely disappointing to have to lose opportunities such as participating in the state tournament, but they are looking at the positives.

 “This being my senior year with COVID is tough, however, I’m really grateful that they didn’t cancel the season and that we still get to play golf,” Mickey said. 

Golf is one of only a few sports that got to follow through with their season this fall. The boys team accepted the unfamiliar conditions and is making the most of their season. They will, more likely than not, succeed substantially as the season continues and the postseason approaches.