NFL Super Bowl Predictions

Staff Writers Lucas Fahnoe and Matt Nunez share their predictions for the outcome of the 54th Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers playing against the Kansas City Chiefs.


San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

This is the game we have been waiting all year for- the 2019-2020 NFL Super Bowl, hosted at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida, squaring two superstar teams against each other for a potential match of the ages.

In the left corner, we have the surprising yet dominant San Francisco 49ers, who are built off their strong offense and defensive lines that they’ve developed over the past couple of years. Although their offense isn’t anything to write home about, it has obviously been satisfactory enough as they’ve made it this far with what they’ve got – notable players on that side of the ball include breakout RB Raheem Mostert (220 yards & 4 touchdowns against the Packers in the NFCC) and TE George Kittle, who’s been an absolute monster overall this season.

In the right corner, the deserving yet shaky Kansas City Chiefs led by Andy Reid are appearing in their first Super Bowl since 1969. This game is especially important for Reid because it could make or break his reputation as a head coach in this league, but it’s equally as important for Mahomes who could solidify himself as a franchise QB (if he hasn’t already). WR Tyreek Hill and TE Travis Kelce shouldn’t have an issue separating themselves from the 49ers average secondary, but the issue the Chiefs will run into is if they can stop the 49ers potentially potent passing offense.

Now that we have the background of the Super Bowl teams, let’s dive into our predictions for the biggest game of the year.   

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs will look to bring the Lombardi trophy back home for the first time since 1970. With Patrick Mahomes and opposing team’s quarterback (and Rolling Meadows alum) Jimmy Garoppolo’s starting in their first Super Bowl, all the attention will be on them. Also Andy Reid will look to win his Super Bowl as a head coach.  Reid has a lot of respect in the NFL, but winning a Super Bowl will be a great addition to an already impressive resume. For the Chiefs to come out on top, they will need to continue their fast paced game and their high-powered offense needs to get it going early. Mahomes is a quarterback with untapped potential. He has given us an array of incredible highlights this season:  Side arm baseball-like throws, prime Adrian Peterson esque runs and leading his team down from a 24 point deficit. Travis Kelce has been a fantastic weapon for Mahomes this year, and if he can have a good game for the final time this season, that will be huge. On the other side of the ball, the KC defense has, confusingly, improved in the season. Tyrann Mathieu has been a ball-hawking safety as of lately.  The Chiefs have seemed to get it together as the season progressed which does not bode well for the 9’ers.

Even though the Chiefs are a great team, The 49’ers have proved they can beat tough teams.  In the regular season, they beat tough teams like the Seahawks, Packers and the Saints. Emerging stars like RB Raheem Morstert and DE Nick Bosa, along with veterans Richard Sherman, they have good chemistry and a very good chance to keep up with the Chiefs.  Jimmy G needs to complete his passes if the running game isn’t working and/or they need to score late in the game. If Garoppolo can throw with accuracy and be consistent and their defense is as great as they’ve been all season, don’t be surprised to see the 49er’s lifting the Lombardi trophy.