Spreading Joy and Cheer


The RMHS cheer team is looking to continue their dominance after their ten years straight of going to State. The life of football games and pep rallies, the Mustangs cheer team only has room for improvement and get those games more exciting for you, showing off their hard work. 

The pressure is on for the Mustangs this year, and it keeps building year by year as they try to earn their spot back at the state competition after the end of their ten year streak last season. Now that football season is over, they can focus wholeheartedly on competing in various competitions.

“My goal is for us to make it to state this year,” JV Cheerleader Bella Aiello said.

Not only is cheer a fun yet demanding sport, it’s a great way to build friendships as well. Spending hours a day together at practice allows plenty of time to make new friends. There is typically no drama, but when there is, they work as a team to figure things out.

“People should join cheer because it’s an easy way to make friends and get involved with your school,” varsity cheerleader Torri Carlson said, “For kids looking to join cheer, expect a lot of new friends and commitment to the team.”

Cheer is a big commitment that comes with hard work, dedication and fun. Most people join cheer because they have seen someone they know do their routines and got inspired to try it themselves. Both Aiello and Carlson joined cheer because of a family member that made it look like a lot of fun, and who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired by one of their routines and try it for yourself.

From classroom to classroom you can see those relationships created from working so hard together not only during practices and competitions, but in the classroom every day, you can see those relationships that have been created both inside school and out. Why would you not want to create something like that? You can tell these cheerleaders not only work hard at what they do, but they enjoy what they do as well.