Fight Night: KSI vs. Logan Paul


A six round slugfest between youtubers KSI and Logan Paul in the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, California ended with a stunning upset from KSI.

The rematch was under question after the first fight was held in the Manchester Arena in 2018, which ended in a majority draw after 6 three-minute rounds. The rematch would not be announced until one year later, on September 9, 2019, two months before the fight.

The rematch was scheduled for November 9, and was a professional  fight with no head guards and 10-ounce gloves, with the same rounds and minutes as the prior fight. Both KSI and Paul knocked each other down, but controversy stirred when KSI’s knockdown wasn’t counted.

Logan Paul claimed to have slipped, but after being reviewed from multiple angles, it was clear that KSI landed an overhand right onto Logan’s face. However, that was one of the two biggest controversies of that night.

Going into the fourth round, Logan Paul wound up landing an uppercut on KSI, then he grabbed the back of KSI’s head, uppercutted him again and proceed to hit him whilst KSI was falling.

The referee Jack Reiss paused the fight and docked Logan Paul two points for hitting KSI whilst he was down, but he gave him 2 points for scoring a knockdown. Logan Paul got very lucky, as holding KSI’s head would’ve stripped him of more points, even a possible disqualification.

Rounds 5 and 6 would be a close stalemate and would end with Michael Buffer announcing each judge’s scorecards in a split decision, in which KSI wound up winning.

Many people have begun to question whether Logan Paul would have won had those two points not been deducted, and the answer is he couldn’t. Jack Reiss is a world-class referee, and in an interview with Seconds Out he defended his two-point deduction, as beforehand in the fight, he warned both fighters to avoid shots to the back of the head, kidney and whilst they are down.

However, Logan Paul’s team is still going to attempt to appeal Jack Reisses decision with the California State Athletic Commission. Logan Paul feels that his punishment didn’t fit the crime. However, the appeal doesn’t look like it’ll achieve much, and it seems that the decision will stay the same.

KSI has announced that there won’t be anymore rematches with Logan Paul after this fight, so where does KSI go next after the biggest internet sporting event in history?