Week 14 Predictions



That was quite the odd week we just had—the Bengals are winless no more, the Redskins beat the Panthers, and the Eagles lost… to the Dolphins? It was full of some amazing games, and some not so great games (yes, I’m talking about the latter), but the 49ers vs. Ravens was truly what it was hyped up to be, so I’m glad that turned out well. This upcoming week we’ve got a whole slew of potentially solid matchups, for example Ravens vs. Bills, 49ers vs. Saints and Chiefs vs. Patriots. Although my predictions didn’t fare too well last week, I’m hoping to up that in the coming week and go back to being above .500—here we go!

Week 13 Record: 5-8


Thursday, December 5th


Dallas Cowboys (6-6) vs. Chicago Bears (6-6)

The Cowboys are yet to defeat a team above .500, but what about a team at .500? Their opponent this week is the Chicago Bears, a team that has scraped along this season and isn’t a very convincing 6-6. Either way, I believe their defense will be enough to stop Dak, Zeke and whatever other wasted talent they have on their offense and become a convincing candidate for the NFC playoffs potentially.

DAL 19, CHI 23


Sunday, December 8th

Carolina Panthers (5-7) vs. Atlanta Falcons (3-9)

What shall I make of this matchup? The Panthers have all but given up, despite having the top running back in the league, and the Falcons nearly made a resurgence but took an L last week against the Saints. I’m giving this one to Atlanta, simply because the Panthers have no life left in them. Oh, and as I was writing this, Carolina’s Head Coach Ron Rivera just got fired. Have a win Atlanta.

CAR 17, ATL 26


Baltimore Ravens (10-2) vs. Buffalo Bills (9-3)

I’ve got high hopes for the Ravens, even against the Bills’ defense. Against the supposed best defense in the league last week (49ers), Lamar & Co. put up 20 points and a boatload of rushing yards himself. I’ve got Baltimore this week, and I’m also hoping Lamar puts up some crazy numbers once more since the Fantasy Football playoffs have officially begun and I’m in. Let’s go birds!

BAL 33, BUF 20


Cincinnati Bengals (1-11) vs. Cleveland Browns (5-7)

The Bengals are winless no more! All hail the Red Rocket, a.k.a. Andy Dalton, for bringing life to a team stuck in the graveyard. Against the Browns this week, I simply feel like they’ll be “out-talented,” but I said the same week for Cleveland last week against the Steelers—either way, this one is not going to the Bengals. You had your win, enjoy it.

CIN 13, CLE 23


Washington Redskins (3-9) vs. Green Bay Packers (9-3)

The Packers handed me my first perfect score prediction, as I predicted the score would be 31-13 and it was that exactly. This week, they play the Redskins, another NFC L-East opponent. As Washington finally got their rushing squad some numbers, and Green Bay gives up 123 yards per game on the run, I’m tempted to give this one to the men in red as an upset, even though I’m not sure Rodgers would like to hear that (not that he will, but you know what I mean.)

WAS 24, GB 23


Detroit Lions (3-8-1) vs. Minnesota Vikings (8-4)

The Lions season is dead. I hate to say it, but it’s true. The status of Matt Stafford is still week-to-week, Bo Scarborough has regressed back to the mean and they just lost to the notoriously mediocre Bears. I realize this is an overreaction, but against a team like the Vikings they stand no chance. I’m just hoping that Dalvin Cook comes back healthy, not only do they need him but he’s a wonder to watch.

DET 17, MIN 34


San Francisco 49ers (10-2) vs. New Orleans Saints (10-2)

Although the Niners lost last week, they still played fantastic and their season is more than alive. I’m really excited to see how their top ranked defense takes on Brees, Kamara and Thomas, as that Big Three has to be one of the most intimidating in the league. I think the 49ers will rebound from their loss last week and take this one in the bag, as the Saints haven’t been consistent enough for me to give them my vote.

SF 23, NO 20


Miami Dolphins (3-9) vs. New York Jets (4-8)

I’m utterly confused—the Jets had a solid win streak, and then gave the Bengals first win to them, while the Dolphins just rebounded and dropped 37 on the Eagles. Just because we (being the Eagles) lost to the ‘Fins last week, I’ll be rooting for them and predicting another huge came from DeVante Parker. I’m giving this one to Miami, but not by a lot.

MIA 24, NYJ 21


Indianapolis Colts (6-6) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-7)

The Colts are pretty much plagued with injury, as key weapons such as TY Hilton and Marlon Mack are still injured. Despite this, they’re playing the Bucs. I have faith in the Indy defense that they’ll be able to add the Famous Jameis’ interception count, and take away a victory in this matchup.

IND 20, TB 14


Denver Broncos (4-8) vs. Houston Texans (8-4)

ESPN has the Texans at an 80% win chance, and I couldn’t agree with that more. Although they just beat the Chargers in heartbreaking fashion, I don’t have them coming close to the Texans in this game, especially after they just took down the previous favorites for the Super Bowl (Patriots). I’ve got Deshaun Watson and crew going off against a weak Denver defense, so maybe this would be another fun one to watch.

DEN 17, HOU 34


Los Angeles Chargers (4-8) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8)

This is yet another Tank Bowl in the making—Gardner Minshew has been pronounced the starter for the rest of Jacksonville’s season, and the Chargers just lost another game by less than 7 points. I’m not even sure if I want to turn this game on, because the quality of football might be so low. Either way, Chargers take this one, as Jacksonville gives up near 140 yard rushing per game and Melvin Gordon is starting to heat up.

LAC 27, JAX 20


Tennessee Titans (7-5) vs. Oakland Raiders (6-6)

I’m going to be honest, I really like the Titans in this matchup. Derrick Henry is a fantastic running back, and I feel like not only will he outrun Josh Jacobs in this game but also prove to be the star and run for over 150 yards with a TD. The Titans defense just had a fantastic game against a weakened Colts team, and I have faith they’ll do the same against Oakland.

TEN 27, OAK 17


Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) vs. New England Patriots (10-2)

Last year, the Chiefs vs. Patriots game went down to the wire, as the final score was 43-40 and had fans entertained for the week. I feel as though this matchup will be very similar, as Mahomes needs a breakout week and I think he’ll prove himself against a Patriots defense finally brought back down to Earth. I’m giving this one to the Chiefs, as they need a win more than ever in order to prove they’re in the race and still an NFL powerhouse.

KC 34, NE 30


Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5) vs. Arizona Cardinals (3-8-1)

I definitely made a mistake in predicting the Cardinals to upset the Rams last week, and I won’t be doing the same this week. Although the Steelers have definitely been a shaky team this year, their “Steel Curtain” will not fall due to some weak Cardinals. Devlin Hodges has officially been promoted to the starting position, and I hope to see some big numbers from him pairing with James Washington and hopefully Juju if he’s back.

PIT 26, ARI 16


Seattle Seahawks (10-2) vs. Los Angeles Rams (7-5)

Sunday Night Football never seems to disappoint, as solid matchups are always provided. This week, we’ve got the Seahawks vs. the Rams. Goff is coming off his best throwing game of the year, and Seattle is coming off a nail biter versus the Vikings. I still don’t have faith in Goff, so I’m giving this one to the Legion of Boom (previous nickname) on Sunday night.

SEA 30, LAR 17


Monday, December 9th


New York Giants (2-10) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (5-7)

Oh my… I don’t even want to write this prediction. I was so disappointed in the Eagles last week, it was truly a day to grieve. Even with their loss to the Dolphins, they find themselves still in the playoff hunt, as the Cowboys are still 6-6. This week, they’ve got the Giants, a team struggling to even compete in games as of late, even though they looked pretty good against the Packers. Either way, I’m taking the Eagles in this as they need a win more than ever and the Giants aren’t a very competitive team to play against.

NYG 16, PHI 23