NFL Week 12 Predictions

NFL Week 12 Predictions

Thursday, November 21st

Indianapolis Colts (6-4) vs. Houston Texans (6-4)

With quarterback Jacoby Brissett back, the Colts looked phenomenal against a shaky Jags team, even with Nick Foles making his return in the same game. Marlon Mack had a fantastic game, but had to leave early in the 3rd Quarter due to a broken hand, which is a huge loss for a team that really needed his talent in the backfield. On the other hand (*ba dum tss*), the Texans just got obliterated by a strong Ravens squad, so I’m not super confident in either one of these teams. In the end, I’m going to place my trust in the Colts, as I believe their strong defense could shut down Watson & Co. for a second consecutive week.

IND 20, HOU 13

Sunday, November 24th

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-7) vs. Atlanta Falcons (3-7)

Both of these teams lay at the bottom on the NFC South, but the question has to be asked: what is happening with the Atlanta Falcons? The first nine weeks of their season were horrendous, with an exception to their early win against the Eagles, but now they’ve shut out two offensive powerhouses in back-to-back games, shooting up to 3-7. Even without running back Devonta Freeman out, I don’t see them losing to the Bucs—a team who’s starting QB has thrown 18 interceptions across 10 games.

TB 23, ATL 30

Denver Broncos (3-7) vs. Buffalo Bills (7-3)

I wish I could say that I was surprised watching the Broncos blow a 20-0 halftime lead, but I’m not. They’re not a good team, and that’s that. Although the Bills have looked shaky over the course of this season, their defense is nothing to scoff at, and I have little doubt that they’re going to choke against a 3-7 squad with a rookie quarterback. This will also be a week where Bills’ quarterback Josh Allen can prove his worth, or do quite the opposite—we’ll see.

DEN 17, BUF 22

New York Giants (2-8) vs. Chicago Bears (4-6)

Every week we doubt the Bears; and every week, they prove us right. Mitchell Trubisky’s injury might actually help them, in the case that he sits out this week, but it really won’t matter once you take a look at their opponents, the New York Giants. There’s truly nothing good to say about them, especially after Saquon’s 13 carry / 1 yard game two weeks ago, along with the fact that tight end Evan Engram is still injured. I’m giving this one to the Bears, but not because I have faith in them.

NYG 9, CHI 17

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (0-10)

I could spend an hour talking about the Steelers vs. Browns scuffle that occurred last Thursday night, but I’m sure you all have heard about it at this point. Quarterback Mason Rudolph looked terrible in that game, throwing 4 interceptions with only 1 touchdown. Despite this, they are playing the Cincinnati Bengals. There is nothing positive to say about the Bengals, so I’ll just end this prediction here—Steelers go to 6-5 this week, but not very convincingly and won’t make the playoffs.

PIT 27, CIN 13

Miami Dolphins (2-8) vs. Cleveland Browns (4-6)

Even though the Browns won last week, it came with a price, including multiple suspensions and fines being handed out after a late game brawl involving Steelers’ Mason Rudolph and Browns’ Myles Garrett. Heading into this week, they’re playing a team previously looked at as a contender for the worst team in NFL history, but have oddly rebounded and won 2 out of their last 3 games. Despite this, the Browns aren’t going to lose, and that’s that. Look out for running backs Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt to explode this game.

MIA 17, CLE 34

Carolina Panthers (5-5) vs. New Orleans Saints (8-2)

Christian McCaffrey does it all. He is the sole reason the Panthers are a contender this season, and they’d truly be nothing without him. They’re coming off an embarrassing loss to the Falcons, and I have little to no faith that they’ll take down the Saints with Drew Brees returning from a long injury. Watch out for another huge week from running back Alvin Kamara and tight end Jared Cook, as well as wide receiver Michael Thomas continuing to prove his worth in the league.

CAR 20, NO 30

Oakland Raiders (6-4) vs. New York Jets (3-7)

The Oakland Raiders are truly a surprising organization this season—quarterback Derek Carr has turned around his image, and rookie running back Josh Jacobs has been an absolute weapon on offense. Although the Jets have won two straight games, they were against two of the worst teams in the NFL. This one goes to the Raiders, and a fairly convincing one at that. If the Jets have any hope at winning, they’ll need Le’Veon Bell to put down the mic in his rap career and focus on running more than 75 yards a game.

OAK 23, NYJ 13

Seattle Seahawks (8-2) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (5-5)

I am so disappointed in the Eagles after watching their bout with the Patriots last week. The thing is, they started this season with an injury-plagued defense and a decent offense, but now, they have quite the opposite. None of their receivers can catch the ball, quarterback Carson Wentz is underperforming, and running back Jordan Howard is injured. Russell Wilson and crew are looking to come out of their BYE week strong, and I believe they’ll take the cake in this matchup against a struggling Philly team with a strong offensive presence.

SEA 31, PHI 17

Detroit Lions (3-6-1) vs. Washington Redskins (1-9)

There are so many terrible teams in the NFL this year, but none of them (besides the Bengals) trump the Washington Redskins. I have nothing positive to say about them, especially after losing to the Jets, which leads me to believe they’ll fall against the Lions, even while missing Stafford. Some part of me wants to believe this will be the upset of the week, but who knows? It depends on how strong of a game running backs Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice can have.

DET 24, WAS 13

Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6) vs. Tennessee Titans (5-5)

Neither of these teams impress me at all. The Jags looked like they’d have success last week, but were obliterated by the Colts even with Marlon Mack getting injured in the 3rd quarter. On the flipside, the Titans have looked better since benching Mariota, and I oddly have some hope for them as running back Derrick Henry is coming off a huge performance and quarterback Ryan Tannehill has looked solid—I’m giving this one to TN.

JAX 16, TEN 26

Dallas Cowboys (6-4) vs. New England Patriots (9-1)

This is the week where the Cowboys will finally be put in their place. I can’t wait to see quarterback Dak Prescott attempt to throw against the Patriots secondary, I mean we all saw how that played out for Carson Wentz last week. On the other hand, the Patriots really didn’t look that good on offense last week, outscoring the Eagles by only 7 points (17-10). As an Eagles fan, I don’t want to or think the Cowboys will win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Dak and Zeke have huge games and still lose. Let’s see if wide receivers Cobb and Gallup can continue their performance, as this game will ride on them.

DAL 24, NE 27

Green Bay Packers (8-2) vs. San Francisco 49ers (9-1)

This game could be one of the most exciting matchups of the entire season. On one hand, we’ve got a balanced Packers squad coming off a Week 10 win against the Panthers, while on the other we have the surprising front-runners in the NFC, even if they’re banged up. If the 49ers can get tight end Kittle and wide receivers Sanders and Samuel back, they’ll take the win against the Packers—but if not, this one is going down to the wire. Since the status of those four is unlikely, I’m giving this one to Green Bay, but it’ll be one for the ages.

GB 26, SF 23

Monday, November 25th

Baltimore Ravens (8-2) vs. Los Angeles Rams (6-4)

Lamar Jackson. What an absolute legend—week in and week out, he proves his worth on the field and on my fantasy roster. I can’t wait to see him rip apart a “strong” Rams defense on Monday night, as well as their defense having another huge week. Watch out for cornerback Marcus Peters in this game, as he faces off against his former teammates in the Rams. Quarterback Jared Goff has proven just how mediocre he is with his performance last week, and I don’t see that changing. I also just really want the Ravens to dethrone the Patriots, so let’s go birds!

BAL 33, LAR 20

Teams on Bye
Arizona Cardinals (3-7-1)
Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)
Los Angeles Chargers (4-6)
Minnesota Vikings (8-3)