NFL Week 9 Predictions



Well, well, check it out. 13-2 – easily our best record thus far, and you bet that we’re going to continue that streak (hopefully). We’re looking at some interesting matchups this week, including some season determiners, such as the Bears vs. the Eagles, or the Texans vs. the Jaguars. On the flipside, the Falcons and Bengals finally get a much needed break this week, so let’s hope they can pull their teams together. It’ll be a very exciting week, so we should all get ready for another solid week of football. On another note, I (Lucas) will be going to Philly for the Bears vs. Eagles game, which I’m super hyped for as a longtime Eagles fan—hopefully I’ll get some sweet pictures to share with you all. Anyways, enjoy!

Our Week 8 Record: 13-2

Teams on Bye

  • Atlanta Falcons (1-7)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (0-8)
  • Los Angeles Rams (5-3)
  • New Orleans Saints (7-1)


Thursday, October 31st

San Francisco 49ers (7-0) vs. Arizona Cardinals (3-4-1)

San Francisco are continuing to show they aren’t pretenders. With a 7-0 start and upcoming stars like rookie defensive end Nick Bosa and RMHS graduate Jimmy Garoppolo, the question has to be asked: are the 49er’s the best team in the NFC? Whether they are or not, one thing that is for certain is that San Fran should roll over Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. The 49’ers defense has been outstanding, and with Kyler Murray throwing 7 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, the 49’ers will stay undefeated.   

SF 35, ARI 13


Sunday, November 3rd

Houston Texans (5-3) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4)

Houston’s offense is nothing to scoff at, especially star QB Deshaun Watson (I mean did you see that game-winning TD?!) and WR DeAndre Hopkins. This week, they face off against the Jags, who have looked on an off this whole year. I think this one will go down to the wire, but I’m predicting a very close upset from Minshew & Co.—let’s hope they get some revenge from their Week 2 loss.

HOU 20, JAX 24


Washington Redskins (1-7) vs. Buffalo Bills (5-2)

The Redskins are definitely going to be in the running for winning an award this year: the league’s saddest organization award. With a 1-7 record (only win coming against the 0-8 Miami Dolphins), I can’t help but feel bad for Redskins fans. The Bills, on the other hand, have been looking promising, holding the Patriots to only 16 points. If their offense can get it going and find their rhythm, I would keep an eye on them at the end of this season. Going up against the Redskins this week, Josh Allen and the Bills offense should have no problem finding the endzone and try to win for the home crowd.

WAS 13, BUF 23


Minnesota Vikings (6-2) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (5-3)

The Vikings looked a bit sketchy early on, but they’ve come WAY back and proved their worth. I still have my doubts about QB Kirk Cousins, but RB Dalvin Cook is easily one of the best in the league along with weapons in WRs Thielen and Diggs. On the flipside, a very injured Chiefs squad still maintained composure against the Packers, so this one might be close as well. In the end, it all depends on the status of Mahomes. Even if he plays, he won’t be 100 percent, so I’m giving this one to the men in purple.

MIN 30, KC 21


New York Jets (1-6) vs. Miami Dolphins (0-7)

The New York Jets vs the Miami Dolphins. I really don’t know what else to say.  In another exciting Tank Bowl matchup, I think the Jets will muscle out a win. With the Dolphins making it painfully obvious on Monday Night that they are tanking, blitzing on a crucial third down that ended up with the Steelers scoring. The Jets have shown promise, beating the Cowboys at home. Even with newly acquired Aqib Talib, Miami will end up losing, and put them in a prime position to land multiple top prospects in this year’s draft.

NYJ 17, MIA 0


Chicago Bears (3-4) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)

I’ve lost faith in Mitchell Trubisky. Coach Matt Nagy somehow still believes in him, but I think just about everything in the opposite direction. They have such a fantastic defense, and talents all around, but Mitch is the glue that refuses to stick—he isn’t good. It won’t matter that the Eagles have a bad secondary if they’re playing a bad QB, and with their running game improving every week, I see the Eagles improving above .500 in Week 9.

CHI 13, PHI 23


Indianapolis Colts (5-2) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-4)

Jacoby Brissett has been one of the most surprising players of 2019. I never thought he was gonna be bad, but leading the Colts to a 5-2 record and throwing 14 touchdowns and 3 interceptions has been a surprise. The way he’s been throwing the ball recently has made the Colts a dangerous team. Playing a Steelers team who barely beat the Dolphins, Indy should win easily, with Jacoby Brissett playing another great game and their defense holding Pittsburgh’s offense to under 20 points.

IND 31, PIT 13


Tennessee Titans (4-4) vs. Carolina Panthers (4-3)

We predicted a closer game between the Niners and Panthers last week, but low and behold—the Panthers got obliterated. Despite this, I still believe in Carolina… a little. If QB Cam Newton can come back healthy, and RB McCafferey continues to crank out huge runs, I have a feeling they can take down the panic-stricken Titans, who easily should’ve lost their game last week if it wasn’t for refball. 

TEN 13, CAR 24


Detroit Lions (3-3-1) vs. Oakland Raiders (3-4)

Detroit has the talent to be a playoff team, but they have had yet another disappointing start to the season.  They kept it close with the Chiefs, but couldn’t get it done against the Cardinals. The Raiders have some good young talent, with Josh Jacobs having a solid year.  I’ll give the Raiders the win here in a close, low scoring defensive battle.  

DET 10, OAK 14


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-5) vs. Seattle Seahawks (6-2)

Famous Jameis is always a hit-or-miss, and although the Seattle defense hasn’t played too well this season, I’m not quite sure I see the Bucs pulling a win out here. I still really like QB Russell Wilson and RB Chris Carson, and their commanding record along with a game at home this week point towards a big victory. The only way I see Tampa Bay winning is in the rare case that Winston pops off and connects with WR Mike Evans in some big ways, but we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find that out.

TB 16, SEA 33


Cleveland Browns (2-5) vs. Denver Broncos (2-6)

Baker Mayfield has expressed his frustration with the 2019 season, and rightfully so.  He hasn’t been playing well, the team hasn’t been playing well and he has been vocal about it.  The team had high expectations going into this year, and while they haven’t met those, they still have not been terrible.  Going up against the disappointing Denver Broncos, this will be the Browns redemption game, getting a win and giving them much needed momentum moving forward. 

CLE 24, DEN 14


Green Bay Packers (7-1) vs. Los Angeles Chargers (3-5)

So this matchup features an explosive offense in the Packs, and a terrible defense in LA—I wonder who’s going to win this one. QB Aaron Rodgers is finally getting key WR Davante Adams back this week, and other weapons such as RB Aaron Jones and TE Jimmy Graham have truly proved their worth. On the other hand, the Chargers came away with a very lucky win last week thanks to the Cody Curse (yes, we’re patenting that), but there’ll be no such luck against Green Bay.

GB 35, LAC 17


New England Patriots (8-0) vs. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

Is there a team in the NFL better than the Patriots?  Yes, they have been playing below average teams, however, they are still NFL teams.  They still have been executing, and there’s no denying their defense is above average.  Even with the cheat code Lamar Jackson, I don’t see Baltimore winning. Regardless, this will be a fantastic game to watch.  

NE 31, BAL 28


Monday, November 4th


Dallas Cowboys (4-3) vs. New York Giants (2-6)

I still don’t know how I feel about the Dallas Cowboys (I promise it’s not because I’m an Eagles fan). They’ve got explosive weapons in QB Dak Prescott and RB Ezekiel Elliot, and they’re coming off a BYE week after a blowout against Philly, but they lost to the Darnold, led Jets just a week before. Then again, they’re playing the New York Giants. I’ll give this one to the Cowboys just for this, since New York shows little to no signs of success week in and week out, especially after a tough loss to the Lions.

DAL 26, NYG 14