NFL Week 8 Special



Before we dive into Week 8, we’d like to take a look at how our predictions faired for Week 7. First off, we see you, Aaron Rodgers. What a performance from the 35 year old QB – 25/31 on tosses, 400+ yards, and 6 total TDs, with one of them being a run from the man himself! On the flipside, the Eagles put up another sloppy performance during their slew of tough road games, and disappointed us once again. Finally, we’d like to pray for Patrick Mahomes. One of the most explosive and exciting players in the NFL is out with a dislocated kneecap, and we hope for a speedy recover somewhat soon. With all that said, let’s head into Week 8!


Week 7 Record: 10-4


We’re hoping to be a little more accurate this week, but that can be said just about every week. In this section, we’d like to highlight which teams really need to win, some key matchups, and a general overview of the week.


The Chicago Bears have to pull out a win this week against the Chargers – with Trubisky’s weak return against the Saints, he has to prove the doubters wrong versus the Bolts. A fantastic game to watch this week could be the Panthers vs. the 49ers. A 6-0 team that squeaked out an odd win against the Redskins last week hopes to take down an offensive juggernaut in McCaffery, alongside Kyle Allen as the Panthers have confirmed he’s starting once again this week.


Overall, I think there are a lot of great games to watch this week, but also some not-so desirable ones: yes, I’m talking about the Dolphins vs. the Steelers. Either way, teams such as the Eagles and Bears really need to win this week or else they might be done for the season – as we’re both Philly and Chicago fans, we’re really hoping for a pair of wins.


Teams on Bye

  • Baltimore Ravens (5-2)
  • Dallas Cowboys (4-3)

Best of…

We have decided to add something new this week, that being the best of… whatever! We came up with some pretty interesting topics, and we hope you enjoy—if you have any ideas for future articles, let us know!


Top 5 Teams


  • New Orleans Saints (6-1)


      • Overall a very steady team, showing great results even without star QB Drew Brees. Will be a tough foe in the postseason.
      • DVOA: 17.2%
      • Offense Rank: 7 / Defense Rank: 8


  • Green Bay Packers (6-1)


      • Aaron Rodgers is a monster, and the rest of their offense is nothing to scoff at, along with their solid defense.
      • DVOA: 21.7%
      • Offense Rank: 3 / Defense Rank: 7


  • New England Patriots (7-0)


      • Although they’ve had an easy schedule, they’ve been able to handle it—very well. Top 5 QB + Best Defense + #1 Coach = Super Bowl contender.
      • DVOA: 54.6%
      • Offense Rank: 13 / Defense Rank: 1


  • San Francisco 49ers (6-0)


      • With an elite defense, a young offense, and an overall strong organization, this is a very strong squad and will go far in the postseason.
      • DVOA: 39.2%
      • Offense Rank: 15 / Defense Rank: 2


  • Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)


    • Although their defense is pretty terrible, their offense is easily one of the best in the league—especially once Mahomes gets healthy.
    • DVOA: 26.3%
    • Offense Rank: 2 / Defense Rank: 13


Top 5 Surprises


  • Indianapolis Colts (4-2)


    • With the preseason scare of Andrew Luck retiring, the Colts have returned with even more spark, with QB Jacoby Brissett leading the charge alongside a strong offensive squad. I expect big things from this crew, especially towards the end of the season.


  • Minnesota Vikings (5-2)


    • I hate to jump the gun on this, but Kirk Cousins has been on fire recently, and the rest of their offense is amazing – RB Dalvin Cook, WR Adam Thielen, and WR Stefon Diggs. With some tough games out of the way, let’s hope they prove us right with the rest of their matchups.


  • Arizona Cardinals (3-3-1)


    • Everyone doubted the Cardinals at first, and rightfully so. Their first few weeks were pretty terrible, but after that slow start they’ve revved up their engines: thanks to QB Kyler Murray playing surprisingly well and RBs David Johnson and Chase Edmonds proving to be huge weapons.


  • San Francisco 49ers (6-0)


    • Ranked rather low heading into the season, the 49ers have proved the haters wrong with an elite defense and an up-and-coming QB. Along with this, the undrafted RB Matt Breida has proved to be especially useful.


  • Baltimore Ravens (5-2)


    • Lamar Jackson. What a fantastic QB, and an awesome running back. Not to mention their actual RB Mark Ingram II, who’s put up numbers. Along with those weapons, they’ve had an impressive season and hope to continue that – and I think they will.


Top 5 Flops


  • Atlanta Falcons (1-5)


    • This team has proven that even if you have a bunch of talent, you can still suck. To name a few: RB Devonta Freeman, WRs Julio Jones & Calvin Ridley, TE Austin Hooper, and more. It also doesn’t help that QB Matt Ryan is now hurt – take the rest of the season off and go for draft picks.


  • Philadelphia Eagles (3-4)


    • Injuries have plagued this team, causing them to get off to a rough start with early loses to the Falcons and the Lions. Just two years ago they were Super Bowl winners, but this year they seem to have regressed quite a bit.


  • Los Angeles Chargers (2-5)


    • The Chargers are such a sad franchise—they were projected this year to be a top contender, but instead are near the bottom of the barrel with a 2-5 record and still a tough schedule ahead of them. Let’s hope they don’t fumble the ball on a final drive again.


  • Chicago Bears (3-3)


    • Mitchell Trubisky. That’s all I have to say. Their defense has looked solid, they have talent across the board, but all of their offensive faults surround one man: Trubisky. If they can get their “star” QB on a roll, I think they’ll be a force to be reckoned with, but I doubt that’ll happen.


  • Detroit Lions (2-3-1)


    • The recent loss of RB Kerryon Johnson is terrible to a team desperate for some good news. Matthew Stafford has always been a consistent QB, but their defense is subpar at best, and the rest of the Lions aren’t much better. Let’s hope they can get back some of that early season luck.


Top 5 Offensive Playmakers


  • QB Patrick Mahomes (KC, 5-2)


    • 157/241 (65.1%), 2,180 passing yards, 15 passing TDs, 1 INT
    • If you thought Mahomes would have a sophomore slump, you are extremely mistaken. After his MVP season last year, he is making a serious case for winning MVP for a second straight year. After a scary looking knee injury in week 7, reports have circulated that he could be back for the Chiefs week 8 matchup against the Packers. Even if football isn’t your favorite sport, it is a sight to see every time he steps on the field.


  • RB Dalvin Cook (MIN, 5-2)


    • 133 rushing attempts, 725 rushing yards, 5.5 average yards per carry, 8 rushing touchdowns
    • For a player who has not played a full season in the NFL, he has made a tremendous leap this season. Cook, who has been playing like an All-pro running back, has been a fantastic addition to an already explosive offensive.  If he can keep up his impressive play throughout the season, he will be a force to be reckoned with.


  • QB Lamar Jackson (BAL, 5-2)


      • 136/215 (63.3%), 1,650 passing yards, 11 passing touchdowns, 5 interceptions, 83 rushing attempts, 576 rushing yards, 3 rushing touchdowns


  • Just based off of passing stats, Lamar Jackson isn’t a top five offensive playmaker in the NFL. But Jackson, as a QB, has rushed for 576 yards and 3 touchdowns. Whenever he touches the ball, he has the ability to pass or run for big plays, leaving the defense scrambling for answers.


  • RB Christian McCaffery (CAR, 4-2)



    • 127 rushing attempts, 618 yards, 4.9 average yards per carry, 7 touchdowns
    • Is this the year of the running back? McCaffery, who’s been dubbed the human joystick, has been a serious contender for MVP 7 weeks in. McCaffery has been a reliable weapon as a receiver and a running back who can pick up the 4 to 5 yards you need, with the ability to break away for 20 or more yards with ease.


  • QB Russell Wilson (SEA, 5-2)


    • 157/230 (68.3%), 1,945 yards, 15 passing touchdowns, 1 interception.  
    • Coming into the league, all the talk about Wilson was that he’s too short to be a starting QB. Now, in his 8th season, he has proved that he is one of the most reliable starting quarterbacks to ever step on the field. Throwing 15 touchdowns and just one interception in his 8th season, he has put the league on notice and is doing everything right to try and win another SuperBowl for the Seahawks and the 12th man.


Top 5 Defensive Playmaker


  • DT Aaron Donald (LAR, 4-3)


    • 14 total tackles, 4 sacks
    • I’m convinced that Aaron Donald isn’t human. Now if someone would just look at his stats, they would say he’s having a down year. But boy would they be wrong. Aaron Donald has shown he is one of the most dominant football players to ever play, pushing over 350 pound lineman with one hand and just how quickly he gets past the line is nothing short of amazing. I guess training with knives pays off.  


  • DE Myles Garrett (CLE, 2-4)


    • 14 total tackles, 9 sacks, 2 forced fumbles
    • Cleveland was supposed to make a huge leap this year, and while they haven’t been awful, they have definitely been underperforming. With all the negativity surrounding the Browns recently, Myles Garrett has always been a bright spot. With 9 sacks through 7 games, he is nothing short of a playmaker. Not a diva, not a dancer, just a hard-nosed football player. His presence is suffocating, and if he keeps up the pace throughout the season, the Browns will benefit tremendously from it.


  • FS Devin McCourty (NE, 7-0)


    • 15 total tackles, 5 interceptions
    • With the Patriots defense being as dominant as they’ve been, you would expect some studs on that side of the ball, and that’s exactly what McCourty is. He has 5 interceptions throughout 7 games, which is nothing short of impressive. It seems like no one is able to score right now against this stout defense, and McCourty is a big part of that.


  • MLB Luke Kuechly (CAR, 4-2)


    • 32 total tackles, 1 interception, 1 safety
    • One of the most consistent tacklers in the NFL, making it almost impossible to get away from him. The speed in which he gets to the ball is remarkable, and not to mention, Kuechly’s a born leader. Another one of those not so flashy players who, as long as he’s healthy, wouldn’t argue with putting him on this list.


  • LB Shaquil Barrett (TB, 2-4)


    • 17 total tackles, 9 sacks, 1 interception
    • Barrett had 4 sacks against the Giants, and 3 sacks against the Panthers, he was on pace to have a record setting season. Even though his production has slowed down a little bit, he is still a very talented player with plenty of time left in the season to terrorize more QB’s.


(DVOA = Defense-adjusted Value Over Average, breaks down every single NFL play and compares a team’s performance to a league baseline)




Thursday, October 17th

Washington Redskins (1-6) vs. Minnesota Vikings (5-2)

WAS 10, MIN 27


Sunday, October 20th

Seattle Seahawks (5-2) vs. Atlanta Falcons (1-6)

SEA 24, ATL 13

Philadelphia Eagles (3-4) vs. Buffalo Bills (5-1)

PHI 17, BUF 16

Los Angeles Chargers (2-5) vs. Chicago Bears (3-3)

LAC 17, CHI 20

New York Giants (2-5) vs. Detroit Lions (2-3)

NYG 13, DET 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4) vs. Tennessee Titans (3-4)

TB 27, TEN 16

Denver Broncos (2-5) vs. Indianapolis Colts (4-2)

DEN 6, IND 31

Cincinnati Bengals (0-7) vs. Los Angeles Rams (4-3)

CIN 9, LAR 31

Arizona Cardinals (3-3-1) vs. New Orleans Saints (6-1)

AZ 14, NO 38

New York Jets (1-4) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4)

NYJ 13, JAX 23

Carolina Panthers (4-2) vs. San Francisco 49ers (6-0)

CAR 21, SF 24

Cleveland Browns (2-4) vs. New England Patriots (7-0)

CLE 17, NE 27

Oakland Raiders (3-3) vs. Houston Texans (4-3)

OAK 10, HOU 16

Green Bay Packers (6-1) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)

GB 35, KC 20


Monday, October 21st

Miami Dolphins (0-6) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4)

MIA 7, PIT 20