NFL Predictions Week 7

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The Lucas and Matt NFL predictions have returned. We decided to take back-to-back BYE weeks, due to school interruptions, and we’re sorry about that, but this week we’re coming back with some very solid predictions. We hope you enjoy, and once again, sorry for the wait. Let us know what you think! Additionally, we would love any feedback, especially if you disagree with our picks.

Thursday, October 17th

Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) vs. Denver Broncos (2-4)

To most, this game might look pretty one-sided, but I’m predicting an upset. The Chiefs have looked solid on offense, but their defense has been below average in almost every way this year. Meanwhile, the Broncos completely shut out the Titans last week and don’t look too shabby overall. This is the game where quarterback Joe Flacco and the Broncos turn it around.

KC 17, DEN 21

Sunday, October 20th

Los Angeles Rams (3-3) vs. Atlanta Falcons (1-5)

The underperforming Rams face off against the disappointment of the yearthe Falcons. Although quarterback Jared Goff had a terrible game last week, throwing a mere 78 yards, I don’t see that repeating this week. If running back Todd Gurley comes back healthy, and they can continue dominating on defense (especially with their HUGE pickup of cornerback Jalen Ramsey), I don’t see a way in which Atlanta wins this ballgame.

LAR 23, ATL 13

Miami Dolphins (0-5) vs. Buffalo Bills (4-1)

Miami almost came out victorious in the 2019 Tank Bowl vs the Washington Redskins, losing 17-16. It’s no secret that the Dolphins are rebuilding, and having to go to New Era Field and face the young and talented Bills does not bode well for the Phins. With speculation of the Dolphins trading Kenyan Drake, this further proves that Miami wants to gain assets for the future instead of wasting talent now, which is not a bad thing. Winning in the future means sometimes losing in the present, and that what is gonna happen this Sunday. The Bills will move down the field freely, and their defense will exploit all of Fitzmagic’s greatest tricks.     

MIA 13, BUF 27

Jacksonville Jaguars (2-4) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (0-6)

I think the fact that tickets are being sold for prices as low as $17 perfectly describes this game. The only glimpse of hope that the 0-6 Bengals have is the return of A.J. Green, but recent news has informed us that it’s likely he makes his debut in Week 8. We know how terrible Cincy’s rushing defense is, thanks to Lamar Jackson, which is a part of Jacksonville’s offense that will continue to shine this week with running back Leonard Fournette leading the charge.

JAX 24, CIN 10

Minnesota Vikings (4-2) vs. Detroit Lions (2-2-1)

This is going to be quite an interesting game. After the Vikings slaughter of the Eagles last week, their team seems to be coming together and becoming more confident in one another. If quarterback Cousins can have another huge week, I think they’ll come away with a win – especially if the refs root against the Lions for the second week in a row. The only way I see Detroit coming away with a win is if they have an outstanding game offensively, but they just don’t have the weapons to do so.

MIN 27, DET 16

Oakland Raiders (3-2) vs. Green Bay Packers (5-1)

The records may say otherwise, but I don’t think the Packers are that good of a team. With key components of their offense injured, they’re an extremely shaky 5-1. On the other side, the Raiders have looked on and off in their 5 games thus far. Honestly, I think the Raiders come away with a win this week, solely because of the momentum gained over their past 2 wins and a huge game from Josh Jacobs (if he is healthy).

OAK 17, GB 10

Houston Texans (4-2) vs. Indianapolis Colts (3-2)

I love the Houston Texans. They’ve proved that after a slow start, a team with a ton of talent can come back and prove their worth. If Houston can maintain the momentum they gained after their huge Week 6 win against the Chiefs, I don’t see this game being a close contest. But I don’t think this’ll be the case. The Colts played a fantastic game against Mahomes, and practically shut him down offensively a couple of weeks ago. This will be a strategic bout, but in the end I’m predicting the Texans to come away with a close win.

HOU 30, IND 17

Arizona Cardinals (2-3-1) vs. New York Giants (2-4)

Although both of these team’s record look close, this is bound to be a one-sided game. The Cardinals have all the momentum, and the Giants have looked like hot trash through six weeks, even with quarterback Daniel Jones starting. Arizona’s offensive weapons include quarterback Kyler Murray, and running backs Johnson and Edmonds, and I don’t see any of them being shut down by a weak NY defense.

ARI 23, NYG 13

Baltimore Ravens (4-2) vs. Seattle Seahawks (5-1)

I think the Raven’s have a talented team, but going up against MVP candidate Russell Wilson, in Seattle, Baltimore will come up short. Newly acquired Marcus Peters will prove to be a great addition, but with a talented offensive core featuring Chris Carson, DK Metcalf and Russell Wilson, the Raven’s defense will struggle, giving the Seahawks the win and a 6-1 record.   

BAL 13, SEA 24

San Francisco 49ers (5-0) vs. Washington Redskins (1-5)

There were doubts about the 49ersI mean look back at our predictions, we thought they’d lose early and wouldn’t be too strong of a team. After six weeks, we’ve been proven wrong. Very wrong. The 49ers are a strong squad of players, and this week will only continue their undefeated streak, taking out one of the worst teams in the NFL – the Redskins. I don’t even know if I need to talk about Washington, their record speaks for itself. This one goes to the Niners, repping the hometown hero Jimmy G.

SF 24, WAS 7

Los Angeles Chargers (2-4) vs. Tennessee Titans (2-4)

This game is going to be quite a disappointment. The Titans got shut out by the Broncos last week, and the Chargers lost to the Steelers. I feel like the Chargers can turn things around this week, if RB Gordon gets more touches, but the same thing can be said for the Titans. Since TN turned to Tannehill last week, they’re looking to get back on track offensively and prove they’re still in this season. This matchup is either going to be a torture to watch or a potential offensive battle between two stud running backs. In the end, I’m giving this one to the TItans (nothing good ever happens to LA).

LAC 17, TEN 24

New Orleans Saints (5-1) vs. Chicago Bears (3-2)

The Bears, coming off a bye-week, look to stay healthy and rely on their defense and their home field advantage. Even with losing Brees, the Saints haven’t missed a beat, thanks to quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.  With Mitch Trubisky coming off an injury, I don’t see how the Bears will be able to score enough points to beat the Saints, giving the Saints an impressive 6-1 record.

NO 24, CHI 7

Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) vs. Dallas Cowboys (3-3)

I’d just like to preface this by saying that I’m an Eagles fan, which is why I’m jumping out of my seat about this game. The behemoths of the NFC East battling it out in Arlington, with both teams hoping to take the first spot in the division. Due to Dallas’ injuries, and some of the Eagles main components coming back (WR Jackson and CB Darby), I’m going with Philly for this, but I do think it will be close. Since the Cowboys passing game is rather weak, they can’t exploit the Eagles main weakness: their secondary. The Eagles are going to head into Week 8 boasting a 4-3 record, and this will be their bounce back weeksorry Cowboys.

PHI 27, DAL 14

Monday, October 21st

New England Patriots (6-0) vs. New York Jets (1-4)

Ah, the New York Jets. Their huge win against the Cowboys last week won’t go unnoticed, as quarterback Sam Darnold came out strong in the first half and eventually led their team to victory (with a near last second choke). Despite this, they’re playing the Patriots. I don’t think New England is a strong team this year, but I also don’t think they’ll lose to the Jets. If the Pats can get going offensively, like they’ve been able to in the last few weeks, it’ll be a fairly one-sided game. But my hope is there for the Jets, I’m rooting for you Sam.

NE 31, NYJ 14

Bye Week

  • Cleveland Browns (2-4)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)
  • Carolina Panthers (4-2)