Week 4 NFL Predictions


Thursday Night

 Philadelphia Eagles – 16 @  Green Bay Packers – 24

The Eagles have had a rough last two weeks. With many of their key players being injured, their offense has looked very inefficient and their defense, as usual, needs a lot of work. As they head from Philly to Green Bay, to face a strong core offense and a solid rushing team, I don’t think they’ll have what it takes to put out a win this week, although it may be close.

Sunday Morning

Tennessee Titans – 23 @ Atlanta Falcons – 13

The Falcons simply do not look like a good team. They lost to the Colts last Sunday in a brutal faceoff and lost a strong defensive weapon in Keanu Neal for the season. This week, against the victory-hungry Titans, their run defense will crumble at the hands of running back Derrick Henry and Marcus Mariota will dominate the air. Tennessee comes out of Week 4 boasting a solid 2-2 record.

New England Patriots – 17 @ Buffalo Bills – 10

Although both of these AFC East teams started the 2019 season 3-0, this game will end one of their undefeated seasons and set the pace for the rest of the conference—this team will be the Patriots. Due to Julian Edelman being a game-time decision, this will be a closer match than people expect, since both teams have a strong defense, but the Bills are missing one thing: Bill Bellicheck.

Kansas City Chiefs – 38 @ Detroit Lions – 17

Patrick Mahomes was the only player to survive the Madden Curse. He has been the early year MVP, putting up crazy numbers, throwing 10 touchdowns and 0 interceptions, and his dominance will continue against an interesting Lions team. Although Detroit is technically undefeated, their Week 1 performance still leaves much to be desired, and I don’t see them coming anywhere close to Kansas City this week.

Oakland Raiders – 10 @  Indianapolis Colts – 21

Oakland looked very strong Week 1. I had hoped that their loss of Antonio Brown cleared things up and paved the way for them to have a strong season, and their first-week victory hinted towards this. Nonetheless, they let us down again. As the Colts come off a solid win against the Falcons, they’ll continue this streak courtesy of quarterback Jacoby Brissett and boast a surprising 3-1 record heading into Week 5.

Los Angeles Chargers – 27 @ Miami Dolphins – 7

As garbage as the Chargers have looked this year, they are playing the Miami Dolphins. Let me reiterate that—the Miami Dolphins. I feel like every week it’s so easy to root against them, and that’s exactly what we’re going to continue to do. Miami’s going to come away with 1 touchdown from quarterback Josh Rosen, but the Chargers are going to stomp all over them in this Week 4 matchup.

Washington Redskins – 10 @  New York Giants – 23

Daniel Jones is the new face of the New York Giants. With an above-average performance in his Week 3 debut, the Giants will stomp on the 0-3 Redskins despite the loss of Barkley and show them who’s in the race for the NFC East this year. The Redskins continually show that they can’t finish games, and the Giants will take the second half as well as the game, heading to a 2-2 record.

Cleveland Browns – 13 @  Baltimore Ravens – 27

As much as I want to predict the victory-hungry Browns to upset the Ravens, I don’t see Lamar Jackson slowing down one bit for Week 4. His explosive play style and Michael Vick-Esque running ability have been visible in every game this year, and the Browns Week 17 familiarity against him last year won’t be enough to win this game. Cleveland’s defense is far too weak to compete, despite their offense boasting some powerful weapons.

Carolina Panthers – 20 @ Houston Texans – 13

Although the Texans come off a solid win against the Chargers, I’m predicting an upset from the Panthers due to a strong start from filler quarterback Kyle Allen—last week throwing 4 touchdowns and coming off their best win in a while. Houston has slowly calmed down from their Week 1 high, and they’ll be brought back down to earth this week.

Sunday Afternoon

 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 31 @  Los Angeles Rams – 31

Along with the Super Bowl curse (which never affects the Patriots for some reason) comes the Super Bowl runner-up voodoo. Thankfully, the Jared Goff-led Rams have been able to avoid this and started this season 3-0. They’ll look to continue this week, stomping on the 1-2 Buccaneers, who define the phrase “below average,” especially coming off a depressing loss to the Giants.

Seattle Seahawks – 28 @ Arizona Cardinals – 20

Seattle looked pretty terrible until the fourth quarter against the Saints last week and still ended up losing to a team missing their star quarterback. Despite this, Russel Wilson had a fantastic week, sporting more than 400 yards and 4 touchdowns to pair. If the Seahawks can continue connecting in the air and stop Kyler Murray on offense, they should be able to get back on top and come out 3-1.

Minnesota Vikings – 13 @  Chicago Bears – 17

Despite the Vikings looked extremely dominant against the Raiders last week, the Bears are looking to carry their momentum and take a commanding lead in the NFC North after this week. If quarterback Mitch Trubisky can show some positive signs, and their defense continues dominating the field, this will be a fairly easy game—if not, well, we’ll see.

Jacksonville Jaguars – 17 @  Denver Broncos – 20

Gardner Minshew is the new NFL superstar. Will he prevail this week, and lead a Jacksonville team to .500 after losing their star quarterback Nick Foles? I hate to break it to you, but no. Denver’s sixth-ranked pass defense will do more than enough against Minshew and lead the Broncos onto their first win of the 2019 season.

Sunday Night

 Dallas Cowboys – 21 @  New Orleans Saints – 31

This week’s Sunday Night Football matchup stars the dominating offensive forces of the Cowboys, with running back Ezekiel Elliot and quarterback Dak Prescott leading the charge, against the well-rounded, yet banged up Saints. Coming out of this on top is sure to be the Saints, as we all know how hard it is to win in New Orleans, especially against a team fresh off a commanding win in Week 3 (thanks to the Seahawks).

Monday Night

Cincinnati Bengals – 28 @ Pittsburgh Steelers – 21

I’ll be honest, both of these teams look terrible. Newly acquired Minkah Fitzpatrick was the star in the Steelers Week 3 matchup, but they still couldn’t come out with a win despite five turnovers. After losing Big Ben to a season-ending elbow injury, the Steelers show no signs of potential. This contest goes to the Bengals, if and only if they don’t choke in the final minutes.