NFL Week 2 Predictions

Staff Writers Matt Nunez and Lucas Fahnoe break down their predictions for the NFL week 2 matchups.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 13 @ Carolina Panthers – 21

After coming off a strong performance against the Rams, Carolina is going to continue that trend against the miserable Buccaneers. Jameis Winston won’t get it together, and Christian McCaffery will run all over the Bucs and put up more than 150 yards of rushing and find the endzone twice, carrying the offense once more as Cam Newton struggles to find his groove and suffers through past injuries.


Buffalo Bills – 17 @ New York Giants – 27

Even though the Giants lost to an impressive looking Cowboys team, Eli Manning threw for over 300 yards and Saquon Barkley rushed for 116 yards on 11 attempts which left him with an exceptional average of 10.9 yards per carry. Barkley will put on a show for the home crowd, getting more than 25 total touches and rushing for over 100 yards as the giants roll over the Bills, grabbing their first win of the season.


Dallas Cowboys – 28 @ Washington Redskins – 24

A game where two quarterbacks coming off an excellent performance go head to head in this fierce NFC East rivalry. After Dak Prescott’s more than impressive Week 1 showing, boasting 405 yards and 4 touchdowns with no interceptions, he will continue to prove he just might be worth that $40 million annual contract. The Cowboys are going to continue to be a force to be reckoned with as Prescott continues to dominate and the young Cowboys defense will force a pick six as they walk out of Fedex Field 2-0.


Philadelphia Eagles – 28 @ Atlanta Falcons – 10

Although the Eagles came out rather slow in Week 1, they’ve practically got this game sealed away.  Despite Carson Wentz not taking a single snap in the preseason, after a quarter or two he showed signs of returning to his 2017 self, and the reliable weapon of DeSean Jackson has returned and proved himself once more. On the other side of the spectrum, the Falcons didn’t even look like an NFL team. Matt Ryan struggled to get it to their highest paid wide receiver Julio Jones, and their supposed lead running back Devonta Freeman carried the ball for a depressing total of 19 yards and a fumble. Their run defense struggled against last week’s opponent, and I have no doubt they will crumble in the face of Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders. My prediction this week goes to the Philadelphia Eagles with a solid victory of 28-10.


San Francisco 49ers – 6 @ Cincinnati Bengals – 23

I hate to bet against the hometown hero Jimmy Garoppolo, but Andy Dalton and company will take care of business at home and exploit the 49ers young core, despite missing AJ Green for a second consecutive week. Giovani Bernard will produce more than 100 yards from scrimmage, while Dalton will light up the stat sheet and lead his team to their first victory of the season. The 49ers simply looked sloppy in week one and I have little doubt they’ll continue this going into Week 2. My gut goes with the Bengals for this showdown.


Arizona Cardinals – 7 @ Baltimore Ravens – 35

Even though Kyler Murray is coming off a solid performance against the Lions, where the ball left his hand 54 times as he threw for 308 yards and 2 touchdowns, the Ravens have more momentum and skill after coming off a dominating 59-10 performance against the miserable Miami Dolphins. Lamar Jackson threw for 324 yards and 5 touchdowns, while Mark Ingram rushed for over 100 yards on his debut for the Ravens and Marquise Brown proved himself with a pair of touchdowns and nearly 150 yards. Jackson will continue to prove he isn’t just a running back, and leave the Cardinals winless as they dominate for the hometown crowd.


Los Angeles Chargers – 21 @ Detroit Lions – 31

Both teams are coming off overtime games where frankly, they were both underachieving. Even though Matthew Stafford had a solid game throwing for 385 yards, the Lions could only muster a tie against the Cardinals and blew a pretty substantial 24-6 lead in the fourth. The Chargers also faced problems last week just barely beating Brissett and the Colts in overtime. All in all, I believe Stafford will have a strong performance by putting up 3 touchdowns as they go back and forth with the Chargers but come out on top.


Seattle Seahawks – 24 @ Pittsburgh Steelers – 10

Russell Wilson showed up to play last week, and he’s going to continue that trend this Sunday at Heinz Field. Pittsburgh looked lost on Sunday night, only scoring 3 points against the Patriots. DK Metcalf will catch more than 5 passes, while Chris Carson will hopefully find the end zone and rush for a solid amount. Roethlisberger will turn it around this week and throw for more than 200 yards, but still end up losing due to the tough defense led by the newly acquired Jadeveon Clowney.


Indianapolis Colts – 14 @ Tennessee Titans – 17

Tennessee looked impressive last week putting up 43 points against the talented Cleveland roster. Mariota looked great throwing for 248 yards and 3 touchdowns. On the other end of the spectrum, Colt’s quarterback Jacoby Brissett also played well against last week’s Chargers, putting up 190 yards passing and 2 touchdowns. Derrick Henry will put on a great show, rushing for more than 100 yards as the Titans snag the win and end up 2-0.


Kansas City Chiefs – 38 @ Oakland Raiders – 23

The 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes looked like he didn’t miss a beat from last year’s performance, throwing 3 touchdowns and tossing for 378 yards.  Key targets such as Sammy Watkins and Travis Kelse will continue to put numbers up on the board, with newly acquired LeSean McCoy proving to be a threat in the back field. The Chiefs will continue to look like Super Bowl favorites as they dive head first at an iffy Raiders team and dominate.


Chicago Bears – 14 @ Denver Broncos – 10

Saying the Bears played terrible is an understatement. They scored a lousy 3 points, and Mitch Trubisky threw no touchdowns and 1 interception. The Broncos didn’t do as bad, scoring 16 points in a loss against the Raiders, but I believe the Bears will prove themselves as a strong force in Week 2. The Bears offense will hopefully turn it around, scoring at least 2 touchdowns and the defense will continue their dominance picking off Joe Flacco twice.


Jacksonville Jaguars – 9 @ Houston Texans – 35

Houston looked great against the New Orleans Saints, despite losing in a heartbreaking fashion due to a last second field goal. Quarterback Deshaun Watson threw for 268 yards and 3 touchdowns, targeting receivers such as DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller V, as they both put up solid numbers. Jacksonville lost their starting quarterback Nick Foles, and I can’t imagine a scenario where Jacksonville comes out of Houston with a win. Watson and running back Carlos Hyde will be unstoppable, scoring a combined 5 touchdowns and stomping the Jaguars back to Florida.


New England Patriots – 45 @ Miami Dolphins – 3

This game might have to be censored due to animal abuse. The Patriots will walk into Miami and absolutely decimate the Dolphins, leading to even more players calling their agents and requesting trades.  If the Patriots can beat the Steelers by 30 without Antonio Brown, I can’t imagine what they are gonna do against Miami. Tom Brady and his arsenal of wide receivers will stomp all over their foes in this landslide of a victory.


Minnesota Vikings – 21 @ Green Bay Packers – 20

Minnesota, coming off an impressive win against the Falcons, will go into Green Bay and win by a small margin, thanks to Kirk Cousins throwing for more than 200 yards and Dalvin Cook rushing for over 100 yards.  This is due to the Packers weak performance against the Bears, only winning 10-3 with an aging Aaron Rodgers and a line up of wide receivers and running backs that did nothing but disappoint last week.


New Orleans Saints – 35 @ Los Angeles Rams – 38

Both the Saints and Rams won close battles against their respective opponents, and this game will be no different. In a quarterback showdown, Brees and Goff will go back and forth while LA will get the upper hand in rushing as Gurley has a good game, thus, leading them to victory.  Despite this bout going to the Rams, both teams will show signs of a possible Super Bowl in sight as they wield fierce weapons such as Michael Thomas from the Saints and Cooper Kupp from the Rams.


Cleveland Browns – 10 @ New York Jets – 7

The promising Cleveland team completely underperformed against the Titans, and they sadly will again this week versus the Jets, but could still come away with a win.  Baker Mayfield struggled heavily, sporting 3 interceptions with only 1 touchdown, but I believe against an even weaker opponent such as the buttfumbling Jets, they’ll pull away with a 1-1 record. Le’veon Bell will have a good game, but Cleveland’s wide receiver core will prove too much for the Jets in the end.