Front Runners


Due to the graduation of several important team members from the state run last season, the Mustangs are looking for their talented new juniors and seniors to step up. Junior Stephen Baretto, who was on the varsity squad last year as a sophomore, will look to be one of the top returning runners.

“We certainly have a very strong front trio,” Baretto said.  “If we can develop a few more runners to complete our top squad, I think we have a solid chance to repeat what we achieved last year.” — I would detail what they achieved last year in the first paragraph

Baretto went on to say that the team still has high expectations for this season and is looking for another run at state.  

Two of the most experienced runners on the team are seniors Jacob Johnson Wright and Jack Martin, and Head Coach Frank Schweda is clearly looking for them to be the leaders of this year’s team. 

 Wright also believes that the experience from last year, and the training in the off-season will be beneficial this season. 

For sure, being a senior this year with such experience that last year gave me, as well as a large group of younger kids, I feel a certain obligation to pass down traditions that [Martin], [Baretto] and the other graduated people started,” Wright said. 

Over the summer off-season, the top runners worked on increasing their weekly mileage in order to build up their endurance. They also increased the intensity of their training by running a faster overall pace for runs and workouts in order to improve their overall speed. Finally, the runners cross trained more often, including biking, core workouts and sometimes ultimate frisbee to prepare for the season as well as bond as a team.

“My philosophy is pretty simple,” Schweda said. “If you put work in (daily) you will see improved results. Those improved results should give you confidence to become more serious with what you do (both athletically & academically). From that you should be able to carry that over into all areas of your life. Running is a great metaphor for life.”   

There is clearly still plenty of talent on this team with the newcomers and returners from last year who seem ready for the challenge of making another run at state this upcoming season. If you want to support the Mustangs in their first meet, it will be at home on Sept. 3.