Junior Timmy Syzlak excels in boys track

Elizabeth Clark, Opinions Editor

Track and field can be a very daunting sport to take part in. The ability to keep running through the pain without stopping is very difficult to execute. Now, take into account the extreme task of jumping over obstacles at full speed, and that is hurdling. One RMHS athlete that shows tremendous potential in the hurdles and the 400m dash is junior Timmy Syzlak.

“I love running the hurdles because it’s anyone’s race,” Syzlak said. “If you mess up going over a hurdle, you either adjust and win the race or you lose.”

Considering he started his track career in eighth grade, his passion for running is not new. However, his love for hurdles has only just begun. Having only started hurdles as the beginning of his high school career, Syzlak is displaying an exceptional advancement in only the last few years.

“I want to place in state this year,” Syzlak said. “Hopefully, I’ll get first place.”

Making state is not a far reach for Syzlak, considering he qualified last year as well. Because of this experience, he has learned many things that will be beneficial to him going into this outdoor season. However, he has made it abundantly clear that this season will be much different than the last after making an effort to alter his mindset before each race.

“I learned that I needed to start to have a positive attitude going into every race,” Syzlak recalls. “I also realized that being prepared for anything that could happen during a race is very important.”

This change in perspective has already made a huge difference in Syzlak’s season so far, resulting in a recent offer from Yale to join their track team.

“Timmy has certainly become more serious this season,” fellow hurdler junior Jeremy Arroyo said. “He puts in the work during practice every day.”

This hard work and dedication will hopefully help Syzlak in achieving his goals this season. Although his very successful indoor track season is coming to a close, outdoor track is approaching just in time for him to prove how much he has progressed.