Boys wrestling prepares during break

Julian Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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The RMHS boys wrestling team is well into their season with positive results. The team listened to their coaches advice to learn from their mistakes and they have applied their experience into winning matches.

Although the team has had tough losses in winnable matches, the wrestlers assess the factors of defeat after each match and focus on how not to make the same mistakes.

“If you are not getting better, you are only getting worse,” Coach Dillin Randolph said. “The wrestlers strive to be improving and being a step ahead of the competition.”

The team has some wrestlers battling with injuries, but that will not impede the progress of the team.

“Our program is at a major turning point in the season,” Coach Matthew Rice said. “Our guys can give up or not let the setbacks hold us back [to] find a way to their goals.”

Even on winter break, the wrestlers’ season continues as they will be preparing for an intense home meet on Dec. 28 competing against five schools. The team also has a quad meet on Jan. 6 at St. Charles East High School where they will be competing with three opposing schools.