Golden for life

RM awards three-sport athletes Golden Mustang Award

Elizabeth Clark, Opinions Editor

Five seniors have the honor of receiving the Golden Mustang Award this year at the spring sports awards. The Golden Mustang Award is an award given to extremely dedicated athletes who committed to play a sport each season of their high school career. Those five seniors are Jonatan Banuelos, Zachary Miller, Clare Preissing, Marco Taibi, and Justin Thompson.

Jonatan Banuelos was involved in Football, Wrestling and Track and Field all four years of his enrollment in Rolling Meadows. Zachary Miller ran both Cross Country and Track and Field in the fall and spring in addition to Swimming and Diving in the winter.  Marco Taibi played Football in the fall, Basketball in the winter, and ran Track and Field in the spring. Clare Preissing participated in Volleyball in the fall, Basketball in the winter, and Soccer in the spring. Justin Thompson was a Football, Basketball, and Baseball athlete at Rolling Meadows.

To be a Golden Mustang requires diligence, commitment, sacrifice, perseverance, and a lot of hard work. The constant commitment is hard at times, but these five athletes have proven that doubt can be overcome.

“There were definitely sometimes that I felt like quitting,” Preissing recalled. “But although I sometimes thought this, I never actually thought I would quit, because I felt like all of those sports were a part of who I am, and I knew if I quit I’d miss out on many memories and life lessons that I’d never be able to get back.”

Many of these athletes came into high IMschool with the mindset and persistence needed to accomplish this honorable goal.

“I first heard of the Golden Mustang Award during my eighth grade year, and was determined to stick with my sports that I had picked my Freshman year,” Miller said. “I noticed that people may think it easy since it is only four years, but there are a lot of factors to take into account that lead people to stop going for the award.”

These five athletes are great role models to the rest of the Rolling Meadows community with their constant display of commitment and diligence.