Swim team looks to capitalize on 2-0 start

Nidhi Thakkar, Sports Editor

After winning the MSL East title and breaking numerous records last season, the RMHS boys swimming team is determined to snag the MSL title.

The boys recently won their first two meets- the first against Conant High School and the second against John Hersey High School, starting their season on a positive note.

Along with breaking their records, the boys are also hoping to be victorious against long-time rival Prospect High School, who they will compete against in late January.

Varsity members senior David Myers, junior Filip Pancerz and sophomores Josh Dellorto and Jake Pors are aiming for a spot at the State meet for the 400 free relay event.

The four boys are experienced varsity members; however, this is is the first season that the four will be working together for this specific event.

With a common passion for swimming, the boys are swimming with each other to minimize errors and maximize cohesiveness in order to achieve their goal.

“We all have the talent in the water,” Pancerz said. “[It’s] just little details like starting our pull a little earlier to grab more water, breathing less and faster stroke rates.”

Aside from cutting times and winning meets, the team also emphasizes the importance of a strong diving team.

As the only competing diver on the team, senior Kiril Monev looks to his teammates in other events for support and help during practice.

“Diving scores still add up to the total team score, and it would have been really nice if we had more divers,” Monev said.

Monev commends the team’s spirit, whether it be the JV team on the sidelines or the rest of the Varsity team in the stands.

“We cheer for each other all the time. When there is an important relay there is nobody sitting down,” Monev said. The team’s members credit their extraordinary leadership in the past years for their current strong sense of unity. “The seniors from last year have left a good mark on us,”

Pancerz said. “And all the seniors on our team this season have made up for and have stepped up in their seniority roles.”

The boys often spend time with each other on weekends and after school.

“We go out to eat after meets with everyone invited, and [we] usually get a good variety of kids coming,” Pancerz said. “It’s great to see that.”

In addition to their many post-meet dinners, the boys are planning on devoting a significant amount of their time during winter break prepary for Sectionals week. Until then, the boys will work towards their goal of bringing home the MSL title. The boys will face off against Elk Grove today at 3:15 p.m. at Elk Grove High School.