Boys golf leaves legacy after successful run

Nidhi Thakkar, Sports Editor

Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 8.00.52 AM“This team put golf back on the map,” senior Nick Rhyan said.

Despite not having a home course and having a new coach, this year’s boys golf team thrived throughout their season. Not only did the team win first place in the MSL East, they also improved their team regional score by 44 and placed fourth overall in the Mid-Suburban League.

With four seniors and four juniors, this year’s team remained exactly the same as last year in terms of the athletes’ ages. Because their team remained consistent, the boys already had strong relationships with each other, which only aided them at practices and meets. The boys also used this to their advantage.

“We stick together and help push each other to be the best golfers we can be,” Rhyan said

Aside from encouraging and helping each other, the boys also used their built momentum from last season to come back

even stronger this year. Head Varsity coach Joseph Szabo

and Head JV coach Hal Fine both hoped for the boys to individually focus on the consistency of their swings and not be affected by their mentality on the course, especially having no home course.

“Last year there were times that the focus just wasn’t there, but the talent was,” Fine said. “This year, I think that they were able to come so much closer to the full potential that we have always seen in this group of golfers.”

The boys ended their season with a record of 11 wins and two losses, making it a memorable last season for the seniors.

Seniors Rhyan and James O’Donnell nearly qualified for the State Playoffs this season, missing the cut by only one stroke.

“It’s not easy to just forget being seniors and never having another chance,” Rhyan said. “We have to think about the school records we broke and the great wins we had.”

Despite not sending players to State, this year’s team is still one of the very few golf

teams at Rolling Meadows that has qualified for Sectionals. Last season, one player from the team advanced to Sectionals, whereas the entire team qualified this season.

Aside from their record, the boys will leave behind a legacy of hard-working and talented individuals. They have planted the foundation and set the bar high for teams to follow.

“All of the men on our team are destined for success,” Fine said. “The guys that try out [next year] are going to need that same type of commitment in order to sustain what has been accomplished this year.”

Other than their talent and work ethic, the boys also take pride in their cohesive and supportive bond with each other. Although the boys were often competing with each other at practice, they valued their team goals over their own.

“They competed with each other every day but were always there for each other,” Szabo said.

Coach Szabo credits the team’s seniors and their effective leadership as major contributors to the team’s success.