Walking on water

Walking on water

“We all had the same vision this season. Getting an MSL East champs banner under our name in the gym, which is currently empty,” sophomore Filip Pancerz said.

With hard work, determination and a goal set in their minds, this year’s varsity boys swim and dive team set Rolling Meadows High School history. On January 30, the team won the title of MSL Champions for the first time in the school’s 45 year history.

Adding to their eventful season, freshman Josh Dellorto broke records for the 200-yard freestyle and 500-yard freestyle while se- nior Jake Barson set a record for the 200-yard Individual Medley. Also, the team of Dellorto, Pancerz, junior Kuba Debkowski and Barson set a record for the 400-yard freestyle relay.

The team ended their dual meet season with six wins and one loss against fierce competitor Barrington High School. However, the team didn’t let the loss stop them from competing.

“We told each other that one loss won’t change our seasons outcome,” Debkowski said.

Their attitudes towards both their wins and losses strengthened their performance. The boys came in with a hopeful mindset and remained focused on their goals throughout the season.

“These boys came in ready to attack,” Head coach Monika Chiapetta said.“The boys have big goals for the Conference meet, Sectionals and State, more records to fall, higher finish than last year, and more qualify to state.”

The bonds and connections formed between the swimmers also aided in their success this season.

“These boys have been swimming together since they were young,” Chiapetta said. “Some since they started swimming. The friendships on the team go way beyond the pool.”

With team members of all ages, forming a strong relationship is essential to competing together.

Swimming together for countless hours strengthened the teammates’ bonds with each other and allowed them to communi- cate well in and out of the pool.

“This year as a team we have supported each other a lot more than in the past years, and I think this was our key to success,” Debkowski added.

The team has worked hard this season to create a lineup that would be most advantageous to the team’s success.

“One of the biggest challenges all season was finding the per- fect lineup and stressing the importance of our second and third swimmers during meets not just our top swimmers,” Pancerz said.

The team also had to combat the usual injuries and setbacks that come with any sport.

“This season we have had to overcome more illness and injuries than normal,” Barson said. “But with Conference and Sectionals coming up, we are all healthy and should swim very well.”

With their competition season underway, the team hopes to send at least two swimmers to compete at the state level and build upon their MSL victory.

“We have already accomplished one goal, and it’s time to get the other,” Barson said.

The boys have a month of Conference meets left and hope to qualify to compete at the Sectional and State levels.

Varsity boys swim and dive Sectionals will be held on Feb. 21 and State will be held on Feb. 28.