2022 Spring Fashion Trends


By March, winter has officially become unexciting. Dancing snow flurries are a nuisance, slippery slush deems one’s car uncontrollable and most importantly, everyone is tired of their winter clothes. Luckily, that boredom will quickly be cured as spring and summer inch closer.

This Oct., fashion shows held in New York and Paris predict bright, lively and 2000s inspired clothes to enter your wardrobe. From the Oct. shows, an overarching theme is the resurgence of the low waist. Say goodbye to your high-waisted skinny jeans because low waisted is officially trendy. Because of the shift in the waistline of pants, one can also predict that tops will become longer to accommodate. Most tops geared towards women will be hitting just below the belly button in order to create the most flattering silhouette when paired with a low-waisted garment.

As for men’s fashion, only one word comes to mind, oversized. From t-shirts to hoodies to shorts, nothing seems to fit just right, which coincidentally creates an interesting silhouette.

One may wonder why these trends are currently influencing society, but interestingly enough men’s and women’s trends are right on schedule according to the 20 year theory. This idea consists of the fact that society pulls fashion inspiration from the decade that was 20 years before the present time. This can explain why in the 2020s, people are wearing low waisted pants and baggy menswear. Using this theory, people can also predict what trends will occur long term. People can predict that the trends in the year 2030 will most likely pull from the trends occurring currently.

Overall, it seems to be an interesting season for fashion. I think that a lot of the trends are quite interesting, especially when they are inspired by the early 2000s. The 2000s are notoriously known for its tasteless style. It is quite funny to see styles like low rise jeans and juicy couture coming back as fashionable when only a few years ago they were seen as completely ugly.

In conclusion, the fashion trends of this spring and summer are extremely exciting. Personally, I enjoy the current trends. I think that it is fun that teenagers can reinvent a style that they previously were too young to be a part of, like the trends of the 2000s. Overall, the spring/summer fashion trends are very interesting and exciting.