The Issue with Jeeps


America has an overwhelming love for Jeeps, specifically the Jeep Wrangler. It is an obsession that I find to be incredibly foolish, for the reason that they are not good cars. If you have a Wrangler, you are not as cool as you think you are. That is a car that will break down at 30 thousand miles and although you might feel that Jeeps look cool, it won’t be so exciting when you realize you spent 40k on one of the least reliable car brands on the market.

The number of Wranglers I see in the parking lot every day should be astonishing, but it’s not. The love for Jeeps is not a new one, nor is it a surprise. I understand why people buy them. They buy them because they know nothing about cars, and they think they look cool. It’s not your fault that everyone constantly lies about how great Jeeps are, however, it becomes your fault if you listen to Jeep lovers and you buy one without doing research of your own. If you were to do some, you would quickly find out how bad of a car a Jeep is. 

Although I have a main hatred of Wranglers just due to their popularity, the least reliable Jeep model is actually the Jeep Grand Cherokee. For whatever reason though, despite the mass amounts of issues, the Grand Cherokee continues to be one of the most popular models. 

The list of common issues in Jeeps goes on. The most popular problem is called the death wobble, and Jeeps are seemingly extremely prone to this issue. The car will begin to shake, and it can be very difficult to control, creating an incredibly dangerous situation. Aside from that, other common problems with Jeeps include issues with the electrical system, power train, engine, engine cooling, service breaks, air bags and much more. 

The main reason why most people love Jeep Wranglers is for it’s design. It’s unique features are very popular. This is something that I can somewhat understand, because admittedly the exterior is intriguing. The newer models have a crisp look that I can’t deny, looks nice. However the interior is a completely different story. The designs are so outdated, with the inside of the 2021 models looking the exact same as the 2011 ones. The screen is tiny, and it is made of plastic. Speaking of plastic, half the Jeeps you see on the road have a plastic cover, and plastic windows. The fact that so many people choose to buy a car that is literally plastic astonishes me. It feels cheap, looks cheap and somehow, the price is not cheap. I rode in a Wrangler once, and from the cramped seats to plastic walls, it was just unpleasant. 

No other car brand would ever be allowed to get away with what Jeep does. No other brand would be so successful while making terrible cars. No other brand would ever think to sell a car made out of plastic, and no one in their right mind would buy one. Somehow, Jeeps have overrun our country and the name is so popular, no one thinks to question, are Jeeps even good cars?