The Problem with Pumpkin Spice


How many ads have you gotten recently? Say that number in your head. Alright good, now in retrospect, lots of ads are on Spotify and lots of people have premium sothe smaller number is understandable. 


But let me tell you how many ads for pumpkin spice at Starbucks. I’ve had it 23 times and counting. The whole culture is very annoying and here is why it comes back every year around this time in late August or early September. The over advertisement is so irritating that the ad is played constantly everywhere.


I’ve seen at least 200 people in the mall holding, can you guess it? Yep pumpkin spice drinks. You can tell purely by the color and the line that is so long at these places that they are there for the exact same thing, a pumpkin spice latte. 


You need to know that over 16 years, mind you, that the world has bought over 420 million pumpkin spice lattes without many analytics from this year and have spent a whopping 1.4 billion dollars on it. I know and I won’t argue it does taste good, but 16 years ago when Starbucks wasn’t big in 2003-2008 it wasn’t oveselling. So in reality, they have made this much from 2008-2021.


 Imagine all the plastic and stuff like that wasted for that many drinks. It’s a bit overkill and that’s an understatement but again this culture is so exasperating with its need for a 4 month drink.