Donda vs. CLB


Donda and Certified Lover Boy are two albums dropped in close succession to each other, with Donda coming from Kanye West and Certified Lover Boy from Drake. Donda features 27 tracks, while CLB features 21. Both of these were viewed as negatives in these two heavyweights careers. In addition, the songs on Kanye’s album are a slightly jumbled mess, and the songs on Drake’s album seemed rushed because he decided to compete with the release of Donda. The most popular track featured on each album wasHurricane for Donda and Knife Talk on CLB, in accordance with the Billboard Hot 100. In terms of songs on the Hot 100, Kanye has 23 of his onthere, while Drake lands all 21. So in terms of accuracy, Drake’s album is winning. People  had a very hard time waiting on Kanye’s album, as the project started in 2018 and wasn’t released until just recently on August 29th, 2021. Drake’s album was more of a surprise to the general public as we knew he was making songs, but having 21 semi-decent to good quality songs ready to compete was a shock on its day of release,