District 214 discontinues RMHS seminar

       District 214 came out with an announcement that will affect the schedule for next school year. All schools in the district will be changing to a block schedule like here at Meadows and we will be starting at 8:35am, ending at 3pm, and getting rid of seminar. 

        Seminar and block schedule has been something that is unique to Meadows for many years now and is ideally used by students to do work, get ahead in classes, make up tests or quizzes or see teachers for help. By getting rid of seminar you are getting rid of that chance for students to use the ninety minutes of free time.

        I’ll admit there have been seminars where I have sat and watched Netflix or went to the library with my friends, but I knew that by not using my time I was giving myself more work for later that day. Although I have had unproductive seminars I have also had seminars where I finish more than half of my work for that day or I went and got help on a topic I knew I would be tested on. Knowing that I can see any of my teachers without having to come in before school or stay after school is one of the best parts of seminar. As someone who, like most students, has activities after school and can be up pretty late doing homework, having that time during the school day to see teachers or do homework is super helpful. If I have to see my teachers before or after school I am either missing out on activities or having to get up even earlier and not knowing how much time I will get with my teacher. 

       The main thing I’m going to miss with seminar is the ability to get work done during the day. Having activities after school that can go pretty late you don’t have a lot of time to do all your homework and go to bed at a reasonable time, which we are always being told is so important at our age. With seminar it gave me the chance to get started on my work and when I got home from my activities I only had to finish up a few assignments. They are replacing seminar with a study hall and while that can give me back the chance to get assignments done, it still does not give me the chance to see teachers or work with peers. 

      The other schools in the district do not have this privilege and their students still do very well in their classes and I’m sure students at Meadows will still do very well in their classes, but they are going to have to adjust to this schedule without a seminar. As someone who has had the privilege of seminar for three years, having this change sprung on me going into my senior year is something I’m not looking forward to. I was not even aware this was a change they were considering. I was sitting in class one day and my teacher just told me seminar was gone. I was disappointed in the fact that a change that affects the students so much involved no opinions from the students. I wish we were consulted at least a little in this decision that affects our education.