Stick to Cyber Monday


Black Friday, the kick-off to the holiday shopping season, is celebrated throughout the country as the best day of the year to shop til you drop. Shoppers of all ages have made a tradition out of waking up before the crack of dawn, just to head to the mall and take advantage of every available sale and discount they can find. However, like most of our favorite annual activities, Black Friday was not the same this year.

The day after Thanksgiving is notorious for its overcrowded stores, as people push and shove and sprint and wrestle for their favorite items. Obviously, this doesn’t exactly coincide with social distancing guidelines. We cannot ignore the fact that COVID-19 cases have only risen in recent weeks, and although the future is always unclear, things don’t seem to be slowing down.

Let’s spare you the sugar coating: with the state that our country is in, taking part in Black Friday shopping in 2020 is just completely unacceptable. Even if you wore a mask, even if you kept your distance from others, even if you sanitized your hands every thirty seconds, simply participating in the busiest day of in-person shopping of the year is adding to the cause. Why risk your own health or the health of those you come in contact with for a 75% off flat-screen?

I understand that this whole situation is unfortunate, that we all just want normalcy back, but just pretending that things are normal, rather than taking the necessary precautions to actually stop the spread is not going to fix anything. I know that you may think that just a little bit of shopping won’t hurt anyone, but it will. I’m sure everyone is well aware by now, but the coronavirus spreads in a butterfly effect.

If you are infected–not just if you have symptoms, even if you are asymptomatic–and you come in contact with one of your friends, they take the virus home to their family, their father takes it to his work, their mother takes it to her work, their sibling takes it to their friends and their friend’s families… You get the point, just stay home. Cyber Monday is better anyway.