The Bears offense is trash

If you’re like me, a lifelong Bears fan who’s always filled with hope before the season, only to have it shattered into pieces by mid-season, then you’ve had enough of the same narrative. 

This year has been no different as it started with talk of a potential division winning season at the week 6 mark when the Bears were in first place and held a 5-1 record, to now week 12 where the bears currently sit at 5-6. While the season isn’t over, there’s plenty of reasons to believe we’re getting to that point and it starts with the offense.

There’s no understating this: 2020 Chicago Bears offense has been horrendous. The Bears rank 29th in the league in total offense, 29th in points scored, dead last in rushing yards and 23rd in passing yards. While most of this can be credited to the quarterback play of Nick Foles and Mitch Trubisky, the offensive line play also has proven to be a factor.

The Bears offense the past 3 years has revolved around the running game to set up big plays downfield in the play-action game. They can’t accomplish this if they don’t get solid blocking from the line on running plays so they always end up behind the sticks having to pass on third and long, far from ideal with both Foles and Trubisky behind center. 

With the current ragtag team of O-lineman they have right now, you might be asking the question: Why hasn’t Ryan Pace, the General Manager of the Bears, drafted any lineman prospects in the early rounds of the last few drafts? Why indeed.

That brings me to the next part of the team that needs to be fixed, the coaching and management. This far into a rebuild and still only a single one and done playoff appearance to show for it; there needs to be a lot of questions answered this off-season about Pace and head coach Matt Nagy. 

In a league where it really only takes a few impact players on each side of the ball to have a playoff run, Bears fans have every right to be upset and fed up with what we’ve seen from these Bears so far not just this season, but the last three of the Pace and Nagy era.

And while the Bears offense chokes the rest of the season, again, we have to sit at home and watch as another year of this ultra-talented defense that we’ve had for the better half of a decade get thrown away. Go Bears!