Small businesses vs. Amazon

        As the holiday season approaches, we are looking for the best places to get good deals on our holiday shopping. Most people think to go to the main chain stores in the malls or go straight to Amazon to get last-minute gifts as soon as possible. They usually don’t look at the small business as the cheapest and quickest ways to get their gifts, even though they are still good options. 

       Small businesses offer some benefits that Amazon cannot. Many people just overlook these things because they assume Amazon is the easiest way to purchase whatever they need. When purchasing an item through a small business platform, you are able to make a connection with the person that is making the item for you instead of just opening a package on your doorstep three to five business days after you order it. 

       Shopping at small businesses is also a good way to support your community instead of putting more money into a very wealthy company like Amazon. The money that goes to the small business will stay local and help improve the community you live in. A lot of the times the customer service of those small businesses will be ten times better than Amazon’s because you can speak directly with the person running the store. 

        There are advantages of shopping on Amazon like if you want a larger selection of a particular item you are looking for, and you can ship the person the gift directly rather than having to deliver it yourself. Even though this is convenient, with small businesses you can make sure you like whatever you buy and know it is a quality product before sending it to someone or even keeping it for yourself. 

        While Amazon might have a wide variety of certain products, small businesses have products that are unique to their store. Once they know what people in the community like, they will stock more products like that, so the store can be more tailored to your community’s liking. Amazon can show you products that you might like but won’t go and make new products to fit your liking. 

        It has been shown that more local businesses give to more non-profit organizations than big companies like Amazon. By shopping at those stores you are not just giving your money to the store but also to the charities they may choose to donate to. 

        Most people think that Amazon has cheaper prices, but in some cases, small businesses actually have lower prices. Small businesses decide their own prices and are sometimes even open to negotiating their prices. Amazon can give you deals, but their price is the price you have to pay, in addition to shipping costs for non-Amazon Prime members. This holiday season, try not to go straight to Amazon to get your gifts. Instead, do some research on small businesses in your community to give them more business during these difficult times.