Should ski slopes open?

As the weather starts to get colder, many people start to look forward to fun winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. The question is whether or not the slopes will be opening, and if they do, what will change from previous years? Around this time is when I start to get so excited to be back on the slopes and I would be devastated if I am not able to go skiing. However, I would also be surprised if they couldn’t find a way to keep it safe.

Skiing and snowboarding are actually safe because of how cold it is, and people are wearing gloves and sometimes something over their mouth. The unsafe part is the lodges with everyone eating and sitting close together. As someone who’s been skiing most of my life, those lodges are always packed and you can barely find a spot to sit, so being able to open them will be the main challenge the resorts face. 

Some resorts have already shown they are going to open later and close earlier, but what about when it’s open? How will everyone be safe on and off the slopes? In the Midwest, the amount of people doesn’t even begin to compare to the amount at resorts in places like Colorado—who likely are going to lose lots of ticket revenue by having to cut down on that amount of people. 

As someone who enjoys the skiing season, it is hard for me to think they might not be able to open up the slopes, but I would understand if they are unable. I think everyone should be able to experience being out on the mountains, going up chair lifts with friends and wiping out and not being able to get up because you are laughing so hard. The possibility of having to sacrifice those things this year is going to be tough. 

Another issue is that if they cut down on the number of people in the resort, the prices for single day passes are going to increase. Buying a season pass might be just as expensive if you won’t be able to use it as much as in years past.

People should be very careful when making plans for ski or snowboarding trips because actual skiing isn’t the only issue. Getting to the resort could be an issue if you don’t live close to the mountains. Just like everything that has opened up this past year, everyone has had to be extremely careful while considering if traveling is even worth the risk. 

I believe that if the resorts make modifications as to how they run everything from past years and customers take precautions, they will be able to open for at least most of the season. For avid skiers and snowboarders, they might have to adjust away from their usual routines and understand that their experiences will not be the same as in years past. 

People might think it isn’t a good idea to open the lodges and slopes, but as long as people take the necessary precautions, it can be safe. Everyone is outside in the cold and—for most part—already six feet apart while on the slopes. Skiing and snowboarding are some of the safer activities during this pandemic, but just like every activity it can’t work without modifications. If people follow those modifications, everyone will be able to go skiing or snowboarding if they wish to.