NBA Trades

DeMarcus Cousins, Dikembe Mutombo, Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony. These are just some of the big names that have been traded on the trade deadline. The NBA season is entering the second half, not only does that mean more entertaining basketball, but it also means a whole lot of millionaires changing cities.

There have been a lot of trade rumors this season expected to go down before Feb. 6. We can only predict what teams decide to abandon ship and trade away their star players and what teams decide to make a late playoff run. Playoff contention hasn’t been so close in a while with ten teams within five games from not only each other, but a very valuable playoff spot as well.

The Detroit Pistons are a very interesting team as we close in on the trade deadline. Their star player, Blake Griffin, is out for the rest of the season due to a leg injury. Their other star center, two-time All Star, Andre Drummond, is someone rumored to change teams this season. He’s been in the top two in rebounding in the league since 2013 and despite his 32 million dollar contract, he is one of the most elite and valuable centers in the league.

The biggest Andre Drummond rumor is a trade to the struggling Atlanta Hawks. The only problem with this trade is that Atlanta needs to throw in a very valuable first round pick. If Atlanta offers a trade of their backup center Alex Len, their sixth man Evan Turner, and their unprotected 2020 first round pick, this trade could very well work. There could even be more additions to get Atlanta another sixth man, Derrick Rose in return for one of Atlanta’s rookies, DeAndre Hunter. Atlanta will be trading away two players that become free agents this summer and still have to pay an extra 5 million dollars for a very valuable pick and roll partner to pair with their 21-year old star, Trae Young. Detroit would have lots of money to spend on players over the summer, and Atlanta would have solid playoff contending team for the next two years.

Another team looking to abandon ship is the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have lots of potentially great young players, but also Kevin Love, the five time all-star and one time NBA champion who is getting angry with his coach and teammates. The Cavaliers are playing like a 5th grade AAU team this year, they have players getting angry on the court and refusing to play as a team. There are lots of teams in need of a shooting and rebounding big man and nobody in the league can do that quite like Kevin Love can. The Trailblazers showed a lot of interest in him before the signing of Carmelo Anthony. However, the Phoenix Suns have had a surprisingly great start to the season and Love could be a great pair alongside the Phoenix core of Devin Booker and Kelly Oubre Jr. Not only would Love be a great offensive fit with the Phoenix core, but they Love would reunite with his former teammate, Ricky Rubio.

However, I don’t think this trade would work. The Suns would become a terrible defensive team and I don’t think they would be willing to trade some key of their key role players and young stars. DeAndre Ayton would not fit well alongside a post player like Kevin Love and could create lots of spacing issues.

The last team I’ll be looking at is the Golden State Warriors. I’m sure you’ve all heard of them before because they are debatably the best basketball team of all time. They set an all time NBA record for the best win loss record ever. However, this year they are terrible. Their All-star shooting guard, Klay Thompson, tore his ACL. Their superstar point guard and greatest shooter of all time, Steph Curry, broke his hand. They lost superstar Kevin Durant over the summer. Despite all of these injuries and major losses, they got point guard D’Angelo Russell from the Brooklyn Nets this summer.

D’Angelo Russell is an interesting player, one night he could go out and score 40 points and the next game he could score only eight. Although he could be a great fit for many teams across the league. The Warriors could look into sending him to Minnesota and reunite him with his college teammate, Karl Anthony-Towns. They were interviewed by Slam Magazine and said that they would be interested in playing together again. The Minnesota Timberwolves also have an underperforming, overpaid wing player, Andrew Wiggins. This trade could match up perfectly. Minnesota would end up with two stars who love to play together and become a playoff team while the Warriors would be able to develop their young players and have a great year next year when their stars come back.

The NBA trade deadline is one of the most entertaining days of the year for basketball fans and there are so many rumors and lots of Drama. This year has potential to be one of the biggest trade deadlines of all time. Not only has this year been one of the most enjoyable in recent history, but it could eat even better with some big players moving teams.