Endlessly Scrolling

Netflix options cause stress when it comes to choosing what to watch


Netflix has skyrocketed in popularity since its creation in 1998 (starting as an online DVD rental company) and has become a hotspot for TV show binging and an excuse for kids not to do their homework. It was a unique way to culminate tv shows that both already existed and were being created by said company into one space for one fee rather than paying for each movie or episode individually. For years it was at the top of its market and seemingly the only company of its kind in comparison to cable television. 

While Netflix is obviously adored by many, this does not omit the possibility of issues in the usage of the program.

A situation Netflix users commonly tend to find themselves in is becoming stressed due to the streaming service’s overwhelming amount of choices. This is actually a labeled phenomenon, referred to as Analysis Paralysis, or being faced with so many options that it seems impossible to narrow it down to just one, to the point where one shuts down and chooses nothing at all.

“I get really overwhelmed by the different options [of shows and movies],” senior Evelyn Greenbury said. “So much so to the point where I’ll end up putting on something I’ve seen a million times like ‘The Office.’”

Greenbury’s situation is a classic example of analysis paralysis. Netflix is aware of this issue and lists specific movies and shows for each user in relation to what they liked to watch, but the results given to you are mainly Netflix Original shows or movies.

This phenomenon also explains why some still find value in cable television. Everything is already in motion when the TV is turned on, so while there may be a decent amount of scrolling to endure, it ultimately gives the viewer a simpler experience seeing as there is less of a burden of choice.

While Netflix may have its flaws due to its massive selection, it is still labeled as the top best alternative to cable for the very same reason. The excess of content provided to viewers is what makes the platform so special, seeing as everyone can find multiple options they like, even if it takes seventeen hours of scrolling.