RMHS’s Bests

Editor-in-Chief Kamika Patel gives her take on the best spots at RMHS.

Best Water Fountain: The best fountain to fill up your water bottle or catch a quick sip is the water fountain on the second level between the A and C wing, near the benches and lockers. This is where I make a quick stop during passing periods because there is rarely a line, the water is filtered and it has one of those faucets specifically to fill up a bottle. And because it’s almost never used, there isn’t any nasty gum in the sink spit out by someone who probably enjoys stealing candy from babies.

Best Cafe Food: Besides the gooey and delicious cookies that will always be number one in my heart and maybe what I’ll miss most after I graduate, my favorite thing to buy from the cafeteria is the spicy crispy chicken wrap. It’s healthy enough where I won’t get a stomach just from eating it by itself, but the chicken actually has flavor and a little bit of a kick to it. 

Best Bathroom: The girls’ bathroom on the second level nearest to the stairs that lead you down to the library is my favorite bathroom to finish my business. The cracks between the stall doors are minimal compared to other bathrooms within the school and the hand dryer actually works. There are also two mirrors so you don’t have to awkwardly wait and watch someone fix their hair for you to check your teeth. 

Best Place to Mentally Break Down: Okay this is sort of sad, and besides going to your counselor and having a serious talk about the problems you’re facing, sometimes you just need a place where you can let out a few tears and sobs and then go back to class pretending like nothing ever happened. For some odd reason, I have found myself in the second to last stall of any bathroom every time I’ve had a quick breakdown at school. I don’t know what about a second to last stall does to provide comfort but maybe you should try it out and see if it makes a difference. Or just cry in any stall in the bathroom because afterward, you’ll have water and toilet paper to wipe away the tear stains!

Best Place to Put Your Feet Up: There are the obvious chill zones where you can rest your feet up on the tables while sitting on the comfy armchairs, but I love resting my feet on the fancy rolling desks that can be found in select classrooms. Only do this if your teacher is okay with it and isn’t one of those that says “would you put up your feet like this in your own home too?” Anyhow, my feet are at the perfect elevation when I put them up on the rolling desks and the weird chairs provide firm, yet comfortable back support as I’m somewhat slouched down the chair. 

Best Place to Finish that Assignment You Procrastinated: I know all of us have procrastinated because that’s just a truth for every high school student, but don’t tell me that you’ve lied to yourself about cranking out an assignment during seminar and then you’ve ended up just pulling up the google doc while talking to your friends for the whole 90 minutes. The best place to avoid that is the pentagon table in the library where all of the desktops are placed. If you sit at this table, it is straight grind mode. No one next to you will talk to you because they’re rushing to finish an assignment too, and even though it is in the middle of the library and you’re sitting out in the open, this almost makes you focus even more because you want to look like you’re doing something. Claim a seat and crank your paper out! Do make sure, though, that you have a pass to the library or else the staff will kick you out and some other stressed soul will take your spot.