Syrian refugee opinion

Ryan Kramp, Staff Writer

Nov. 13, 2015. On this tragic day, in the world famous city of Paris, coordinated terrorist attacks by ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) military insurgents killed 130 and injured over 400. These savage attacks were a sign that ISIS must be stopped, but they were also a wake-up call for the western world to take a closer look at Syrian refugees. According to CNN, one of the men and a woman who took part in this savage attack got into France portraying a Syrian refugees. Now in America, Obama is pushing for a plan to let in 85,000 refugees from over 24 countries. 10,000 of these refugees are coming from Syria.

We shouldn’t let any Syrian refugees into America for the safety of this country. Look what happened in Paris; does Obama really want an attack like that? Or an attack even more powerful and deadly? We need to keep making sure that America is safe before we can help anyone.

On December 2, ISIS hit our home. According to the L.A. Times, a husband and wife attacked the inland regional center in San Bernardino, California. They killed 20 innocent people.

For the last couple of years, ISIS has established a strong foothold in the Middle East. ISIS is getting more powerful than Al-Qaeda was at their strongest. Obama and his administration knew of this threat from ISIS but didn’t do enough in response. After Obama realized that ISIS needs to be taken care of, it was too late. ISIS was too big and too spread out for America to even make a dent in the organization. ISIS doesn’t spread violence and terror just in foreign countries; they now spread it in western world as well.

After the Paris attacks, America drew lines, debating whether to let in Syrian refugees. According to National Public Radio, over 31 governors stated that they do not support Syrian refugees entering their states. Obama assures that under the SAFE Act, the American Security Against Foreign Enemies, these 10,000 Syrian refugees will be screened, properly vetted and have background checks before resettling in America.

However, this does not solve the problem. In Paris, authorities found a Syrian passport designated for refugees that was used by one of the terrorists at the scene of one of the attacks. If one got in portraying a refugee, how can we not suspect that other terrorists will do the same?

I don’t think all the Syrian refugees requesting to be let in are terrorists. Most of them probably aren’t. I want to help these people that have seen the worst of war. But I worry that hundreds of ISIS soldiers will be hiding among the thousands of refugees.

According to WND, refugees are currently being admitted as of Nov. 30, and they aren’t undergoing the proper screening. There may be little chance of determining between the innocent and a terrorist.

If we let these “refugees” in, I think it is likely that we could have another 9/11. Maybe more powerful. Rather than one city, there could be a ton of coordinated terrorist attacks across dozens of major cities from coast to coast. Thousands of American people could die. This can all be avoided if Obama puts the American people first, before the rest of the world.

However, it might be too late. According to World Net Daily, over the next couple of years a $1.2 billion project, funded by American taxpayers, will support refugees in over 180 cities across the nation. Even though this plan has good intentions, Obama is putting the American people in harm’s way because we don’t know who is a friend or enemy. If I could say one thing to Obama, his administration and the government, it would be these simple words: America’s safety comes first.